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Oh **** off.  A mac gamer is 1. Gaming on high quality hardware2. Enjoying the benefits of OS X, Windows and even Linux You're on the wrong forum troll.
Don't feed the troll Timmy
Come October: Apple fails to release larger screen iPhone, AAPL falls, Apple is doomed! The cycle repeats
Sarcasm. You must be new around here.Yes. And if you frequent Weibo or the Chinese Web Blogs I see an interesting shift away from Android. China has it's share of Apple fanboys, while reviews of Android phones almost always start with their poor user experience, lack of apps etc. this is a country that relies heavily on word of mouth reviews. Despite the rise of local brands like Xiao mi, none has come close to Apples brand and quality. Besides, the newly rich In china...
But... Samsung!
If this is true, someone's gonna get fired
Call it the mothership already
They won't win a Chinese company in China.
"Those bozos can't even get the color right"
The GS5 isn't even out yet. You can't possibly have used it unless.... You work for Samsung
New Posts  All Forums: