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Samsung imitation?? I'm Pretty sure they share the same R&D lab in Cupertino.Also, my sketchy Far East sources say the 5.6' will be called the iGalaxy.
Samsung's gonna clone this. I can already see it in my head, they'll have posters, adverts and huge banners titled "Your S"..... oh wait...
Where is Angela Ahrendts?
If this actually happened, $AAPL might actually rise. 
JP morgan should stick to what they are familiar with. Banks don't change the world every decade.
Looks awfully similar to a certain phone on the market.The design clearly shows similar Korean inspirations. Apple won't shit junk like that
But the Apple TV isn't restricted by baterry performance. If they wanted to release an AppStore for A TV They could've already done it for the current generation
I thought they were using the new baterry tech that draws energy from atmospheric static electricity?
RIP monkeyboy
New Posts  All Forums: