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iPad OS anyone?
First female SVP! That might silence all the feminists out there
I had this issue. Called apple and they were kind enough to offer a replacement. Problem is my replacement just crashed again today. I rarely use iWork, and the crashes seem random (I was using spotify the last time it happened) it seems like a hardware issue.
AI should start an Anal-yst tracking section which keeps track of all the BS people come up with, then hold them accountable.
Game of thrones also happens to be one of the most pirated shows. I think content producers aren't seeing the additional revenue they can gain simply by providing an easy method of purchase for customers who want to watch their shows, but don't have cable. Right now that segment is being served by the pirate bay. It's the pre-iPod music industry all over again
High Tech Cheating
 I'll miss monkey boy. His reign benefitted Apple immensely
I wouldn't be surprised if the next Galaxy has a gold option
New Posts  All Forums: