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I thought they were using the new baterry tech that draws energy from atmospheric static electricity?
RIP monkeyboy
In china there's this belief that burning items on a person's grave would send it to him in the afterlife. Burn a new Mac Pro on Steve's grave?
It seems to be an issue with the phone running out of RAM. I had that on my 5S everytime I try to load too many apps concurrently. Killing them manually seems to prevent the restarts
But but... Android
Someone is getting fired
Imagine getting served adverts every hour, ads for heaters and winter clothing when your room temperature drops, summer clothing when it rises, security systems if left idle for too long, and OS updates that only comes to updated products
Bring it to an apple store or get a replacement. Jeez, basic problem solving
Hell hath no fury like Apple scorned
New Posts  All Forums: