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How about a "Both" category?
For various reasons I got rather mauled by Lion when I installed it - some self-inflicted, some not. I decided to wait and see this time, and also made the mistake of checking the Apple Discussion Forums. There seemed to be more Squawking and Clucking than usual over ML, so I deferred installing it for some of these reasons as well. The cost of the update was not the issue at all.As it turned out, the last update to Lion (10.7.5) seemed to fix a number of issues, as...
On further thought, my comments above regarding CAD might just boil down to small screen size - input to Rhino can be by direct keyboard entry, where one can be as precise as one likes (slightly red face).
Note that I was quite specific in stating what I thought that it was perfect for, i.e., reading this forum. I completely agree that there are tasks for which the iPad would be less than competent - for example, creating/editing CAD files (with Rhino3D specifically) in mind. Unless, of course, some bright spark comes up with a new way of making accurate and repeatable inputs without resorting to a stylus.Having said that, the actual size of the 9.7 " iPad (and forget about...
The iPad "4" is perfect - for reading AI forums .
I'm not sure what Apple would think they would gain were that the case. The timeframe puts it in the period where Scott Forstall had much more direct influence on things than he does now, but tempting though it is there were others more involved in this design decision than he. Which brings up dome of the rumblings that I've read (on AI at least) about the responsibility of Jon Ive (and the form over function discussion).It's a shame that the new rear case shape appears...
What SolipsismX said
If it moves, sue it. If it doesn't move, kick it 'til it does, then sue it . All very sad - the latest Samsuit smacks a wee little bit o' the desparation...
That's funny: I was thinking to myself, while reading lkrupp's quoted post, that there must be money being made in the Apple-bashing industry, given the latter's vitriol and apparently wide adoption.Snap! Spooky!
Don't complain that Google is stalking you and that no one here warned you .
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