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Woo hoo! My eyes! My poor eyes! I done gone blind!That should do it . (The forum software does not like quoting that stuff!)
Far too subtle, TS .
+1 . I won't hold my breath though. But nice to dream...
Coopers rules .
From memory the University of Adelaide gave(?) iPads to at least part of its first year intake in 2011. I remember my nephew reporting that he had been given one, but I could be wrong though: maybe someone else will confirm or deny.
I wonder how many people are going to be sending error reports to Google so that Google Maps (or its data) can be improved? And how many people won't, as a result, be sending error reports to Apple so that Apple Maps (or its data) can be improved? As I see it, there is a pretty clear-cut choice: you either use Google Maps and actively support Google, or use Apple Maps and actively support Apple. Where it becomes tricky is in those places where Apple's maps appears to be...
80 degrees? That's close to boiling .
The journos are raving about Google's iOS maps app because (1) it's from Google, the "all-shining and mighty", and (2) it's not from Apple, and is therefore fodder for Apple-bashing, an apparently favourite sport in lots of places.
Of course Google slapped a "beta" label on their Maps app - precisely because Apple didn't. This move "shows Apple up" for not doing so, and possibly suggests dishonesty on Apple's part (whether they were dishonest or silly or neither seems to have been a matter of considerable debate since Apple's Maps app was released).So Google cashes in and can be seen to be riding in gallantly to save those who are perceived to have been put at a disadvantage by Apple's version. As...
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