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Thanks for that . Cool! Excellent! Fantastic, even .
Does the LTE function support Oz in the new devices?
Perhaps people got spooked by reports of scratches gouging right through the anodised layer? Although for myself I think the white/silver version looks nicer (also, I have a white iPhone 4 ) and would be prepared to wait for it to come back in stock. Roll on 2 November so I can go to the Apple Store and compare the iPad Minis and iPad 4-s
Thanks to those who replied directly to my query about the AAPL stock dip(?). I'm doing a bit of brushing up of my rusty economics (which wasn't much and was years ago) and also feretting around for what else I can learn from (starting with the Wikipedia, because it's the most accessible for me currently ). Cheers, Alex.
Even stranger then that GOOG's share price is higher than APPL's. I'm off to do some digging .
My view of such things has up till now been very superficial: it looks as though I need to put some effort into researching and understanding the system!
I must say that I really don't understand how financial markets tick - AAPL profit goes up in an apparently recessed/depressed economy, so their share price goes down. What would make the market happy - a total economic depression/collapse? What am I missing here?
I agree with your last comment: I'm looking forward to both the iPad Mini and the new iPad to appear in the local Apple Store so that I can play about with both of them extensively and judge for myself. I find that relying on 2nd-hand reporting of, for example, screen resolutions and weight is - for me - not very reliable. Having said that, I have the feeling from what I've read so far that the Mini screen might actually look better than the stated spec might lead one to...
This my first post here, and via an iPad 1 - for what that's worth . Regarding the thinness of the new iMac, it may be that the Apple engineers were working on the principle that the surface area/volume ratio would be higher with the smaller-volume casing. As an object decreases in volume the surface area/volume ratio increases. This would give more relative surface area with which to dissipate heat, and there would also be less air to trap said heat - air generally...
New Posts  All Forums: