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Hi Phil,My mid-2010 8GB quad-core i7 iMac compiled Blender (3D animation app) for OS X/Cocoa and associated libs in around an hour using the -j8 switch passed to make. I don't know how the latest Mini compares hardware-wise othe than having a different GPU setup, but this might give you a data point. The source was from Git-hub, and the tools were darwinports and X-code 4.x. Hope that helps.
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I wonder who it was who made the final choice - or was it based purely on number of downloads?
So? Report it in the "Report a Problem" section.
Google: the total saviour of iOS6, Apple, the Universe and Everything. /s
It's obvious that Google couldn't do without all that lovely data generated by iOS users - and had to get it back no matter what. "Want some goodies, kiddies? Here we are coming to your (our) rescue!"
Same as when the SMH jumped on the Apple Maps thing immediately that iOS6 was released. At first I thought it was funny, but not any more. The anti-Apple campaign seems to have been rather well orchestrated.
┬┐Common sense? What's that? What does it do? How does it work? Can you eat it?
Apple is damned if it does and damned if it doesn't. I've stopped taking any notice whatsoever of what these so-called "analysts" spew forth. Viewing entrails would probably be more accurate. "...a bunch of mindless jerks...", to quote the late Douglas Adams. Or a bunch of paid shills. I liked the iPad Mini, but when it came time to actually get one, I went with the 4th Gen iPad with LTE/GPS instead. As I use the iPad (and its iPad1 predecessor) largely for web browsing...
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