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Underwhelmed. You're too late for me, Eric.
Jawohl, Eric*. Anything you say, Eric. Let's see another salute, Eric. * Eric Schmidt
Well, well, Google is finally cantering in to save the day with TbT - and solve a problem that they themselves more-or-less created . What a bunch of heroes. Pardon me if I don't get out the streamers, banners and fireworks. I'll download it once - if - I have a need for it. Apple's version has worked for me so far; that might change as we'll be going on holidays soon. But we have reputable paper maps (gasp!) for the areas that we'll be travelling in anyway. Think I sound...
When I got up this morning I found that this thread had bloated somewhat alarming overnight (overnight in Oz, that is). This looked a lot like a sudden influx of trolls, but having paged through the subsequent 10 pages I notice that it's mostly the regular suspects . Having had busier day than usual I didn't have time to look at the thread until this evening, and in the meantime I started mangling an old nursery rhyme to fit my preconception of things. The situation isn't...
Police are worried that Maps is leading them astray when the idiots are going out totally unprepared, i.e., no water in summer (or almost summer)? Are these fools trying for a Darwin Award or something? Talk about lack of bushcraft. Mindless idiots. Unbelievable? Nah, there's one born every minute.
By the sounds of that interview, SJ would have had Williams for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mindless walloping dork (Williams, not Cook!).
Flash cartoons? Good grief. I thought that Flash was dead, anyway. I still prefer the hand-drawn type, too; and enjoyed watching a lot of the things our daughter watched when she was younger - kid that I still am .
I rather wish I were in the market for an iMac at the moment - got one in 2011 that was the mid-2011 model, just before the mid-2011 model was released (and I didn't know unti reading here a few weeks ago that I could have swapped it:no:). The mid-2011 model supports AirPlay Mirroring, which the mid-2011 doesn't; and of course, the new one has the non-reflective screen. Unless you're made of money (I'm not ), you can never keep up.The iMac was purchased to replace our...
Not only that - they would now do such a remake in "3D" animation - which most often leaves me (excuse the pun) stone cold.
I agree that Mr Forstall's presentation gave entirely wrong impression - especially for those who didn't/still don't even appear on the map! Forewarning would have been fore-arming and allowed people to cut them more slack, and to have explained the problems clearly upfront would have aided that in no small measure. But 'tis done.I have to say from my own limited perspective in my own little corner of Sydney (and bits of Adelaide where the rest of the family are),...
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