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Looks as though the Fusion drive in the 27" has a 7200 RPM HDD component, according to the purchase page. Perhaps Apple will cough up the 27" earlier than expected, as someone on the AI forums suggested; page says "ships in 2-3 weeks".
I popped into the Apple Store near me in the Sydney suburbs this arvo (ca. 3:45) and there weren't no new iMacs! I asked one of the staff where they where and she said that they were out the back, having been delivered this morning; and that they would be unpacking them for display this evening. I could still buy one if I wanted, though. She also said no date yet on the 27". If it gets too hot here tomorrow I might go in and have a look, where it's also nice and cool (we...
It would have to be on weight alone then...
Humph . New iTunes 11 flagged on the main (Oz) page but no iMac . Still "coming Soon". Maybe the Oz page will update/refresh when the US one does. Even in that case it would have been nice for Apple to show willing for the "poor old" desktop here, though... sigh...
Yes, well, I'm going to let all you excited people download and start using it first - just in case. I got burnt with Lion, partly my fault in dragging over my user account from the G5 onto Snow Leopard on the new iMac we got; and partly my fault for not doing a clean install from 10.6->10.7. I was saved because of my Time Machine backup(s), but since then have not been in a scrambling hurry to install "the latest and greatest". That includes 10.8 (not installed) and iOS 6...
Absolutely. Not to mention the consumers best friends, the MIAA and RIAA.
I would have thought that changes would be incremental (e.g., on a daily basis) as database changes were committed and the DBs reloaded. But not being involved I really don't know how this would be being done, and am only guessing (based also on what others have said).
Oh no! I can see it now: privacy-gate! Head for the hills! Apple is doomed! /sSorry about hijacking your well-reasoned post, I couldn't resist.
At last!
Rather like the non-existent AirPlay Mirroring on my mid-2010 iMac 27" (grumble moan whine whinge bleat and sigh).
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