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I have been having a problem with the "thumbs up" button in the Forums when using either Safari or Chrome on an iPad 1 (iOS 4.3.3), wherein the little dialogue comes up OK, but the "Add to reputation" button doesn't work - although the "Cancel" button does. The "Add to..." button works fine in Opera Mini, though. Our brand new iPad 4 arrived today, and I was fully expecting that the "Add to..." button would be OK, but it isn't. It's behaving exactly as it did on the...
Smacks slightly of panic.
There's the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, and also the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II. The latter is a proven aicraft, the former controversially somewhat less so. @melgross: yes, the Lightning connector tab is tiny!
Speaking of Xgrid, why did Apple remove it from OS X 10.8? Was it because nobody used it (apparently not the case according to the Xgrid list), or because they're relinquishing their position in the "pro" markets - and dumping the Mac Pro? At least three useful subsytems have been removed from OS X over the last couple of years, if you include X11 (I realise that it's available elsewhere), and Java (albeit in itself controversial wrt securit;, available from Oracle), along...
Bra? What's this "bra"? Is that like some sort of pectoral mammary support garment?
Love the "spec-syndrome derangement" comment
Cool . Thanks for posting the link .
Very good . It looks as though my feeble attempt at "humour" backfired on me - at the very least I guess that I should have added the "/s" pseudo-tag (carefully avoids rolling eyes /s). Meanwhile I'll also scrabble through my files and see if I have a patent on seeing you in court .I do understand the seriousness of the problem, however, and sometimes worry that Apple might have a tiger by the tail. But if they didn't do something the tiger would get 'em anyway (e.g., cf....
Would you rather have it as announced and full of bugs/not working, or later than announced and in a (more) bug-free condition? It's not as though it's actually that important either (compared with, say, delayed iMacs).
In a truly amazing piece of synchronicity my wife came home from work on Friday having made the decision that we should finally cough up and replace the borrowed iPad with one of our own; while that very morning I'd found the AU$41.00 discount on the iPad 4th gen on the online (Oz) Apple Store. When she announced her decision regarding the iPad, I didn't hesitate to mention the Black Friday discount .Happliy, the wife likes bargains, and this one appealed to her - as did...
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