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I meant they have to pay tax on not the entire 888 but (888 minus expenses). And not to forget, they could maybe find a way to route it through Ireland.
(888- attorney and court costs) is taxable, not 888.
Maybe they want to buyback more stock at the current price before announcing the profit and buyback figures.
iMacs don't use mobile processors.
I won't believe all this crap until any money is actually exchanged or device actually banned.
Samsung + HTC + Motorola = 39.2% = Apple! Waiting for Apple share to get bigger than whole of Android.
The next 'major' announcement is probably going to be Windows 9 release a few years later. MSFT has probably pretty much nothing else. They are seriously lacking behind Apple and Google.   I think Apple has hit the right strategy of pricing it's OS upgrades free (iOS)/ cheap(OS X) and making annual changes to it.  
And Microsoft's stock keeps continuing it's upward journey...  
The new 16GB model is simply a replacement for the previous generation iPod. It didn't make sense to keep selling a device with A4 - 3 years old now. Anyways the old gen models camera was quite crappy. They also need to do something about selling two year old devices for free with contract. If someone buys an iPhone 4 now, even a year later, it would feel so obsolete.
Apple does get device usage stats and they precisely know how often people use which feature. They know what they are doing!
New Posts  All Forums: