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  It includes all software development, at least for financial reporting purposes.
No it doesn't! Google annual profit is over $12b i.e. more than Apple's annual R&D
Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Intel, Nokia spend much more than Apple (not just as %).
I disagree about India having huge number of 'rich' people. Only 16 million people belong to a household that makes $35k a year. Corresponding US figure is over 160 million people.   http://www.openthemagazine.com/article/business/the-wealth-report
Nice info but import duty is levied on the cost price of the device, not the American selling price. So the import duty is much lesser than Rs. 11000.   Everyone is comparing the Indian price to $650. Note The Indian price is inclusive of all taxes. American price is $650 + local taxes.
I don't know how you got the 330 ppi figure. I would say 440*2/3 = 293ppi. Anyways even 293 ppi is high enough that one wouldn't easily be able to tell it apart from a "retina display". So no one would feel fooled because of the resolution. And although I prefer the iPhone 5  display's color accuracy being an avid photographer, people in general like the oversaturated displays.
  Most people still haven't understood the futility of the pizel or hertz or no of cores comparison.
I would expect revenue at about $43 billion (10% growth) and earnings at $10.5 (15% lesser).
In China, India and many other countries most of Samsung's and other Android phone manufacturer's sales come from low end devices. They have plenty of models in $100-300 price range. Some barely even qualify as 'smartphones'.  
  You have overstated too! Thursday closing Share Price = 430.58. Cash/share = 146 (at last earnings). EPS (last 4 quarters) = 44.10. So P/E = 6.45 after adjusting for cash. And not yet accounted for higher cash today.
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