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Its actually an omen. Only if the hedge funds have enough, will they start dumping the stock and Google seems to be next in line
Samsung hasn't included the extra camera thickness in the past e.g. Galaxy S II.
  Its just force and torque balancing. The law would be Newtons first law. To have the body at rest, the sum of all forces at it should be zero!
  For had below, position at 3" from end seems for natural. In that case:   With the current dimensions, weight on hand below is about 1.22W and thumb exerts downward force of 0.22W. Total 1.44W. For 6.81", weight on hand below is about 1.13W and thumb exerts downward force of 0.13W. Total 1.26W.   Again the lighter it feels is about 10-15%.
Calculated it to feel lighter by approx 10%. (Depends on hand size and how much one stretches ones hand to make it fell lighter though that gets uncomfortable).   Assumed position of hand below iPad at 2.5" from the end, and the thumb above at the very end. Device weight W. Also assuming the iPad is held parallel to the ground.   With the current dimensions, weight on hand below is about 1.46W and thumb exerts downward force of 0.46W. Total 1.92W. For 6.81", weight on...
Also most likely these will not be the latest iPad. Maybe iPad2.
Exactly. When Android customers come at home, they would rather use their laptop for a better experience while iOS user are fine with sticking to their mobile devices as they are good enough. 
I think you are not realizing that the company 'itself' is composed of investors. e.g. say 100 shares are owned by 100 people (1% each). Now if the company buys 20 shares, 80 are owned by 80 people (1.25% each). Or 'view it' as if the 20 shares are distributed among the 80 remaining investors.
Why would the share price increase due to the buyback? The company is using is money to invest in itself. The fact that the money was there with the company is already factored in the pre-buyback price. View it like when you own a share you own a % of the company + % of cash. After the buyback you own greater % of the company but the cash is gone/reduced (Net gain/loss = 0). The sentiment of the market however may change due to the announcement.    So why the buyback?...
They would have to borrow money or pay huge taxes first. Only the US cash can be used towards buyback/ dividends.
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