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Al Gore got the option to buy the shares 10 years back at the then price. That was the strategy. What apple can do now is that they can buy the shares at today's price.   The $10B repurchase is just to nullify dilution they do by issuing new shares.
That's always been their style of working. Just that it is affecting apple now.
iPhone Myth  
Soon they won't have to. iPad mini will about do the needful.
An interesting rounded rectangle 1981 apple story.   http://www.folklore.org/StoryView.py?story=Round_Rects_Are_Everywhere.txt
Apple should aggressively buy back the stock at these low prices. That would increase the value of each remaining stock.
A lot of the manufacturing and assembling take place there. So if its pretty much made there, I am not sure how the import tariff would work
20nm seems more like it for the 2014 iPhone .
If intel could fabricate chips for apple, we could expect dramatic performance and battery life improvements
Performance improvement is about the square of the ratio of the transistor sizes. So here (32/28)^2 = 30%
New Posts  All Forums: