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Pitty this never came to be.
Still no new airport...
Daekwan,  I do agree that the airports are very reliable that is why I haven't used anything else for the last 2 years and that is why I'm so dissappointed Apple doesn't have anything yet.   But it may be time for me to try out some other brands again as I need the speed now.
I can't determine if you are purposely being obtuse or if you were born that way.
What an extreme dissappointment. I really wanted to pick up a few new airports for streaming 1080p lossless audio from my computer to my TVs.
I currently have 2 airports - latest generation.   Since asus, cisco, buffalo, netgear all have 802.11ac routers - that would make apple "behind" all of them.  
Too bad this was completely untrue. I want an airport 802.11ac right now bridged for 1080p streaming but it looks like we won't see one until 2013 as apple falls behind Asus, netgear, cisco and belkin.
So very very dissappointed that we never got the 802.11ac airport this week. I would love to use them bridged for streaming to my TVs from my PC. 802.11n on the current airport is a little short of bandwidth for streaming BR quality media.
Video  - 1080p 30 DTS MA - 1 stream normally sometimes 2 - not that rediculously compressed netflix stuff but BR quality streaming.
Well, that was a huge dissappointment. A month has passed and it doesn't look like the shortage actually indicated anything. I really need 3 802.11ac units soon for streaming. Seems there are pretty mixed reviews on the Asus and other units.
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