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I bought a latest rev eMac on the Sunday before the announcement. Am I pissed off that it will be obsolete in 12 months? Hell no! Macs have always held their value and I believe that will continue even after the transition to Intel CPUs. Hell, who knows, maybe the G4 & G5 machines will be highly sort after once Intel is inside every new Mac. But if I'd bought a PC it would definitely be obsolete in 12 months and worth 1/3rd the new price. Looking in the...
Yeah, and a 4 cylinder engine from a Hyundai could be installed into a Corvette because it can be done... but it'd still be a fracking dumb idea.
Hmmm. Wonder what I'd find on my computer if I searched on the word "randy"???
WTF!!! That guy has more money than sense I think. Butchering a Mac mini for less than 2 hours of battery life and a 90% drop in disk capacity seems like a huge waste of time and money to me. An iBook would have done exactly what he set out to achieve - the iBook is practically a Mac mini with a LCD, keyboard and pointing device included. Plus 4 times more battery life (at least)... Oh! and covered by Apple's warranty The Japanese art of Chindogu best...
One word: STABILITY Stability is built into the OS because of it's Unix uderpinnings. And stability in the hardware because the company who makes the hardware make the the operating system so there is very little chance of a conflict between the two. As a bonus answer I'll add: The included software - AppleWorks, iLife and all the little apps that are built into the OS (iCal etc)
Yes ILM have moved to new home at the old Presidio Hospital site. I just read about in Wired the other day. Here's the link
I watched an interview with George Lucas on one of the Australian (not sure which one, I was channel surfing ), anyway, at the end he mentioned he was looking for a condo or house in Sydney (where most of episode 1, 2 & 3 studio shots were filmed) because he would be spending more time there filming the Star Wars TV series 8)
This article was printed in the Melbourne newspaper, The Age, today (Tuesday 10th May). Why Apple and folly go hand-in-glove Pretty much the same old arguments - no licence for clones, failed to merge with IBM, not porting the OS to Intel architecture - but also has a go at Apple's recent decision to not sell Wiley books. Warning: Some comments may offend fans of Apple. The good thing is the journalist makes the mistake of providing his email address at the...
This is no more than a wishlist. I doubt the revision to the mini would be more than a CPU speed bump, 8x DL SuperDrive (maybe standard in the top spec model), GPU upgrade & RAM bumped to 512Mb (retaining the single slot). An audio input would be more appreciated than optical output but it's not unlikely. If this rumour had come from ThinkSecret we might be more inclined to believe.
Check www.apple.com Geesh, the kids of today. They want all the answers but aren't prepared to do the tiniest bit of research. Grumbles into his herbal decaffinated tea
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