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The only reason it is going to be free is the fact MS already knows comsumers will not be upgrading hardware when Windows 10 comes out so the only way MS will get anyone to use it is making it a free upgrade. Yep, MS is in the death spiral. Apple killed them when they did the free update since they still make money selling hardware which MS currect mostly gives away. When you whole business model is based on making money on selling Software and support services you can not...
How much taxes did you paid last year, I bet you are in the 50% of people in this country who pay little to no taxes. You know the top 50% of the US income earners pay 98% of all the taxes the US collects. This is data published by the IRS, they know who is paying and who is not. The only people I know complaining how much taxes anyone is paying are those who do not pay or pay very little in taxes.
I think you are going to be right, they are already saying apple will be trading on guidance going forward not the good news they put out. It Analysis speak for the future is not going to be as good as Q4 so do not expect any big improvement in the stock price since the Analysis are looking for higher than expected which most likely will not happen.
I cannot tell you how many times I hit a webpage using flash on a PC and Chrome and it caused the PC to hang. Flash is just a screwed up mess. Steve was the only one with Balls enough to say the king was not wearing any cloths and everyone wanted to crucify him over it.
This will be spun as Apple took a margin hit in order to sell so many phone in a country where consumer are not known to make much money. How else do you sell so much in a cheap country.   Let all remember, all these reports are guessing at the numbers, Apple is the only one actually reporting numbers and the analysis are doing a survey of 1000 people and then extrapulating it to millions of devices sold.
So Apple was granted this patent, however, we seen other companies in the last few years come out with similar devices. I wonders if those companies are licensing the idea from Apple or that Apple is not interested in going after those companies since they have no plans for products of their own.
I though only scammer use Western Union today. All this will do is allow people to be scam with one click of their phone.
You're actually right, The orginal Motorola Atrix phone had the finger print reader on the back of the phone which you used the index finger to unlock the phone. I like it at this location since it made one handed unlocking very easy especially when your driving. However, the down fall was the fact it took mulitply swipes of the finger before it recognized it. Motorola could never get it to work correctly. I got the i6 over the weekend, finally work is allowing iphones...
This is what happen when you let a lawyer (Woodside) run a technology company. Woodside had not clue what he was doing. Google put him in place since they saw the Motorola acquistion as IP grab not a business that need to operate as a cell phone company. But it was too late, the EU and FTC told them they could not use the IP to beat up the industry and they had to run Motorola as cell phone company and could not just shut it down to collect all the IP. In the mean time...
just to be clear, it said Iphone 6 which I assume it both the 6 and 6+, not sure how big of a success the 6+ will be, i still believe the larger display is a small part of the total market, it may be 30% to 40% of what Apple shipped, however is only 10% to 15% of the total market of phones.
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