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Exactly, I have been saying this for a while now, leak iphone 6 parts all over the place and not a single part from a so called wearable which according to expects will sell millions, if Apple is going to sell Millions then the supply chain needs to be full. I think it going the carplay route, you see all the watch manufactures making their own solutions to work with IOS
So how long do you all think this Sept 9th show and tell will be, if Apple has so many products in the pipeline, this could be an all day affair. They spend an hour to and hour and half on 1 or 2 products. Again I think we have analysis reading tea leaves and trying to make sense of what Apple is doing.
Just look at what is happening in the PC world, because of all the remote backdoor management feature Microsoft put into their software and remote kill is just another remote management feature. Today you have hacker locking down people's PC and blacking mailing them into paying to unlock your computer otherwise they wipe is clean. Image what will happen in the android world all thanks the Calif and other government's need to protect the stupid from themselves, they...
 First, what the cable boxes do is not the same as what they are talking about with a cellphone. The cable companies came up with the ideal which BTW is not used any more that do things via software encryption which current had not been hacked. The cable and Satellite guys did it to stop people from steeling the signal so they periodically would send out a kill signal which would disable units which were not officially authorize on the network causing the user to spend...
and you do not think the analysis read what each other write, one say up and other says down, it does not matter what they believe it is a game they play together. The only time you will see most analysis in agreement is on the way down, but even then what the lights are about to turn out there is some analysis trying to paint a rosy picture.
Do not believe it, Micron/Elpdia are still Apple Mobile DRAM suppliers, and pricing is going not becuase apple is using more, but because Memory Fabs are allocation more capacity to NAND and such over traditional DRAM, so only a small portion of chip out put is DRAM and all the PC guys are Consumer electronic guys are fighting over it driving pricing up.
The analysis are playing both ends of the game, no matter what happens they can say they told us so.
How true and I beat is we go back to her chart from August of 2012 it did not show the probability of other analysis take a crap on the stock and driving from 700 to 380 in 6 months. You picture is exactly what they are doing in the back room.
Here is my theory on this.    We know the debate about the sapphire display is it in or out, or it only high end or all phones. If we assume it is in and on all phones, and it such new technologies both from fabricating the crystal as was as manufacturing it into a final display we all know that none of this comes easy. With that being the case I would suspect that Apple had plan B and C in the works just in case something happen and Plan B & C most likely diverted back...
i think you're close on this if that is really what is happening. you did not put in the cost for the sapphire display feature for those who are willing to pay.
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