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What you think Apple is spending that $15B on, they are ensuring their suppliers have the necessary capacity to support their business.
Because of this any time I sold things on eBay I would get their name and address and do a reverse look up on the name and address and few time they did not match up so I would not ship. I would get pooh it's my work address our my parents house, too bad I not shipping to and unknown address.
Neil, I have to agree your experience is not going to be the same as everyone else's which you did note. I can not believe the things people will do. Remember deal in cash and only cash and anyone seeking paying or money any other way is most likely looking to rip you off. I can not tell all the method scammer have tried to use to get money out of me when I am selling something or buying. I have a stack of certify check which are all fake and the idiots expect me cash them...
You seem to think it is a hard task for google read emails, it is not, they have thousands of servers which are dedicated to the task at hand plus they store every pieces of information on 9 unique hard drives to be process and indexed at a later date. so you gmails do not exist once but 9 times and even the one you deleted Google hangs on and if ask them when you die they will send you a CD of every email you ever sent. If you doing things you never want your family to...
And people wonder how they were getting all this content for free. I think some people thought the fees they pay for internet access paid for all the free content. I like how Yahoo blocked people from their emails unless they turned off the ad blocker. nothing free in the world. Google does not need to do this since they just read your emails then places ads on everyone elses website based on what they read in your email.
let not forget these apps are chewing up your data as well, they collecting information about you and then sending to whomever and all while your paying for data.
And how many surface pro and surfaces has MS sold to date? Lets not include the ones they wrote off and gave to some poor school district who have a worthless device.
do not worry there will be knockoffs. They just might not be here for xmas though. 
Actually that does not surprised me since I have known this for a long time, I worked for one of the companies who designed the mail sorting systems the USPS uses, and they were a Mainframe computer company so they designed in ability to do this back in the 80's when they started to move away from people direction mail to the correct location to a OCR system that did it automatically. They always had the data, they are just now storing it so they can post process and...
honesty, when you are measuring the fraction a % you can not trust any of this data. I see what they trying to say, But there is no way this company doing this analysis has all the data and who is to say the situation is far more in Apple favor or not the world will never know, since it is impossible to collect the real data.
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