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This does not surprise me, it the system has the NFC and EMV in the POS terminal and the transaction is being router back to the US or through a US based bank or CC company it should work. It no different then using you CC mag strip over seas, I travel with my US cards and they work overseas even though they are not NFC or EMV. The issue overseas is if your bank in the not a US company and is not part of Apple pay then it will not work in your counter or anywhere else....
you know the radio in a BMW does more than just play music, it handle some of the computer control functionality of the car.
yeah go check out youtube on people who installed  aftermarket systems  on cars with a manual trans only to find the car crashed into something.
My 07 BMW does this, my BWM will unlock the doors, set the car seat to my preference, set my radio preset, As well as the voice command i use for dialing my phone and set my address books in the cars radio to allow voice dialing. as well as my mirror positions all as I walk up to my car. Yes it all works from the Keyfob and we have two fobs and each have their own settings. The only thing my car does not do is start since it is manual trans. The only thing new here is that...
As more and more people see others using their phone to pay they will want to have this. I watch the same thing in airports, I being using my phone for boarding passes for about 4 yrs now, and when I first started doing it people were very curious what I was doing and today I see lots of people doing the exact same thing. Apple is employing the old keeping up with the Jones marketing technique, People are going to want what their neighbors have. This is going to spread...
Can not wait to see how IDC gets apple numbers wrong again. They probably in the other list of computers, phone and tables for the past quarter.
You know it is one thing to fly over a construction site, it is another thing to fly into the middle of Apple current campus. That is asking for trouble that is for sure.
It will be interesting to see what happens, I know in Canada they tend to fight against anything that appears to be US centric, They fought again DirecTV unless they include Canada specific programming, hell they did not like that Canada's living close to the US boarder could pick up US TV stations. The issue at hand is the fact that Visa, Master Card and Amex are all used world wide and many times a US card hold gets their CC # stolen when they travel outside the US more...
and if you do not install Anti-Virus the watch will suck the life blood out of you. Of you could catch Ebola.
They still will not have your name and address, but to your point I notice that most merchants are either asking for a phone number or email address this is how they tracking, but you have choose to share with them, but with the current CC process they take you address and name without asking you. In the case of walmart they may never allow or move to Applepay, why most of their customers are not apple users, walmart customers are budget buyer which are not apple customers. 
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