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Yes this could be true as well, that is what Happen with Matel and the China supplier who used lead base paint and got caught in the US. China shut down the supplier and the owner supposedly killed himself because he embassed the China Government. Yeah right. The fact that the government is making this public tells you they are sending a message about something or many things.
This does not always mean much in china since China usually forces product made in China by foreign company to be shipped outside of china. The fact that Apple is now selling lots of product in China the game has changed. The Government does not want to hurt Apple's business in its own country, their is more value now to promote Apple over a local knock off which is only sold in China, Now it may be different if those knock off were sold around the world. China is very...
Not everything has an equal value, in all use cases, Today we are trading off storage reliability for size and battery life. As long as you keep updating your hardware before the memory wears out then it is not an issue, but would you trust all you personal important information on a device which at some point in the nearĀ future will stop working and you can not recover that information. This is why I still store all my infromation on a HDD, when ever it is on a flash...
Yeah, but those sales appeared to have gone to Apple, considering Apple is the only company who puts their numbers out no one really knows what the other guys sold. Apple could not have grown 112% in china and have all the other guys grow in a stagnet market. Someone it making up funny numbers.
The market was stagnet but the chinese supplier grew market share, you can not be stagnet and growing at the same time. Must the that fuzzy math these analysis are using.
The last time I checked Wi-Fi does not work over a few hundred feet and cell data a few miles. This thing is going to be 12 miles up. Yeah the could transmit down at higher power but your computer and cell phone could not transmit that far. So how does this thing work and what kind of equipment do you need on the ground. It sounds costly. It sounds like Mr Z bought into some stupid researchers idea and decided to give him money.
To your point the government would never tell Apple a person they were monitoring was a terrorist because Apple would have to shut off their access which would let the terrorist know the government is on to them. If the government would go after Apple for this they would have to go after the cell phone companies any Wi-Fi company and third party software companies since they are all would be involved.
The same argument can be used against lots of companies. You have anonymous VPN and email companies out there. Also what about people using PGP to encrypted their communications. They are basically saying only the government can have secret communications.
I have to agree where the hell are all those phones. I've not seen one since 2008. Let's not forget the source of this information is strategy analytics and they are know for making things up to suit their purposes.Edit: forgot they are including nokia numbers into the total picture.
Actually it is only the self proclaimed " I'm better than any Apple engineer and they still will not hire me" that they claim they could have done a better job, who are complaining.
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