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Personally no company should be responsible for watching over another companies business practices. The problem is the way China handle this, you can complain to the government about companies who do not treat their employees right and the government does nothing about and everyone know it. So instead of going after a government who can careless they go after the companies who have more to loose. To make things worse the Chinese government caught on to this, they created...
Oh it the idea of unlocking a safe, turn left then right then left again to unlock.
As much as I would love to see how Jobs handle himself in these kinds of situation, I am also not interesting seeing him sick, I have a view of him in my mind that I would like to keep that way.    I have to agree there is no news worthy value of the video. The out coming of the trail is the only thing of news value.
 You actually want the Fed to come down on Amazon and Walmart if they using Predatory pricing practices, why simple when all the competition is wiped out they can control what you pay. Amazon is walking a fine line, they are just breaking even, and they claiming the reason it the cost to set up the infrastructure which is true but not for 10 yrs.  I notice that Amazon makes it so easy to buy form them and they are already playing games with pricing to keep people coming...
because google thinks it brain washed minions will continue using it on apple products even though they have better way.
let be correct here, they are clearly in favor of following the laws and not making some sort of political statement.
This just proves wall street have not clue about technologies companies, most of these people come out of the top business school and by association the top business school also have no clue about technologies companies. They need to get their heads out of the 20th century and realize technology will be the place to put your money going forward.
It can be recycles, when they make sapphire they take raw Aluminum Oxide and what they call crackle (pieces of broken sapphire) put them in the furnace together to make new sapphire. I am not sure if it all can be reused since some of it looks to be discolored. But they could break it all up and use it over time.
Okay, that is interesting the other lenders were threatening to sue apple over this. I guess they were thinking that Apple being the a creditor as well as the customer who ultimately caused it all to fall apart put the other lenders at more risk. It sounds like the lenders did not get to see the agreement that GT was signing up under, shame on them, they had no ideal what they were loaning money for. Most lenders want to see the terms of the agreement. Since GT was not...
oh this is going to be a failure, you know it, they are somehow trying to tap into the mag stip reader in the POS, yeah that is going to work great across all the POS systems out there unlike using a NFC which is proven standard which just works.
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