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Just boycott her music so she does not get the fraction of the $0.2 apple plans to pay in the free period. This all fell apart for apple when they made the announcement it would be release before having everyone signed up. The music labels knew that apple wanted to make this announcement now and now wait any longer so they were kind of in the driver seat. Some time you just have to walk away and Apple does not seem to be good at this anymore.
We now got to the point where a group can claim any word, thing, object or thought is offensive and anyone who uses them are some sort of racist. All it requires is to use the word, thing or object in a way which was never intended against a group and it now bad and anyone who uses it is doing it for bad reasons. Better watch out all word will be band and illegal to sell anything with the group does not argee with. Some people should read 1984. You know guns are racist...
The only thing Google is protecting is other companies from learning what Google knows about you. Google knows everything and protects it at all cost so others outside google do not know what they know about you. It selfservice protection of your personal information, they are not doing becuase they think it is important to protect your privacy.
This is why the entire music industry is screwed up, they can not seem to keep their negotiation under wraps, they seem to like to like things out, it that whole hollywood things of any publicityis good publicity. It not always good to make it known what your negotiated terms are. You do not always hear about terms between other companies unless it required by law for public disclosures.
Interesting they focused on a fast switch over between carplay and Android, how often would you need to do that. Plus I would think you're either and Android or Apple household.
then add in the fact AI found the building which Apple built the vans in and declared Apple is going to compete with Tesla. Lots of bad dot connecting going on.
yeap, they trying to put to bed the whole self driving cars story and I suspect people have been calling authorities about these vans with sensors on them claiming they are spying on them or something along those lines. Personnaly I like the apple solution over the google one with the huge pole atop of the car which make it a distraction on the highways. Apple solution is more subtle and not much of a distraction on the roads.
I really do not feel bad for someone Like Jay-Z buying into a technology company and having no clue. This is a perfect example of more money than brains. First clue beats was bought for $3B and these idiots sold for $56M if what they had was so good why did they sell so low. I hope Jay-Z was at least smart enough to use someone else's money.
Actually Steve always said never listen to the customer they never know what they want.
I would buy that, that could be a fun watch app.
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