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let put it this way it only become burdensome once they realize they failed and Apple decide to walk away. It would have been the best deal ever if they were able to over come their issues. The future secret products were a huge success for Apple this company would have made out big time and no one would be complaining about this agreement.
Yeah Sog was going nuts but he lost lots money on them. What I find interesting the SEC is going all the way back to the deal announcement was made and they told them to preserve all information related to the deal. Bankruptcy court which is civil, GTAT can not be easily be compelled to preserve all records and present them to the court to  see what exactly happen when. The SEC will have a much clearer picture of what happen and when. The SEC is not required to share...
Now that the SEC has stepped in on this mean the management may have done some insider trading.
 That is exactly where I mind when when I read this.
wait, if M$ is giving away their product which they make money off, how do they expect to survive not like they are making money off their hardware sales. This tells me that iwork for OSX and IOS must be making a dent in M$ business.
notice is it only available in China, all these knockoff will only show up in China, if they attempt to sell outside china Apple will step on them. Apple most definitely will not allow them to be sold in the US, the whole trade dress thing will come into play and there is enough case law on this in the US to allow Apple to stop their imports. In china Apple does not seem to care about the blatant copying since nothing is protect in China and the government will not step in.
yeah this is going to get ugly, and this is probably what GTAT choose a local court who had very little experience with dealing with big companies. Most likely if they filed in NYC or Delaware who tend to be more corporate friendly this probably would not have been an issue. GTAT what to use apple need for secrecy against them to get what they wanted which was out of the agreement and made whole.
how do they keep you from storing other files there. Also just zip/stuff all your photos with a password to keep it from prying eyes or automatic systems.
Actual I think the immediate acceptance by this crowd just goes to show they are not ifanboys but good product fanboys. 
maybe he paid cash for part of it.
New Posts  All Forums: