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Wall street need to stop hiring people who do not have technology background to analysis technology companies, these guys fail to understand the technology involved therefore they are destine to fail in their analysis, Wall Street needs to hire Engineers with MBA they understand the money as well as the technology and will not get sucker in like this.
He is trying to save the GT stock, it tanked after the announcement, i guess have the watch with Sapphire was not enough for the market to jump all over it. Well not all the watches come with Sapphine only the more expensive ones so it will not be millions of watches that is for sure.   I think I will be in on GT stock once it falls below $10 it was over priced at $18 when this was all being hyped.
Actually what I see happen there is the Banks and CC companies will force merchants to upgrade their terminals or else pay higher fees due to the security risk. This is what happen with the old time carbon paper CC receipts, Merchant were force to upgrade or pay 5% per transaction, verse the 2% or 3% on the card swipe systems. Most likely Apple will not have to pay or subsidies any of this
It is easy to give up some of the $40B in fees if it more than offset the loses from CC fraud.   Part of the reason CC companies charge you 27% interest for not paying off the balance each month is to cover the loses they incur due to people not protecting their CC transaction and having companies like Target and Home Depot storing all your purchasing transaction data so they have a history of the business you do with them.   Apple Pay is not going to make the retailer...
Not sure about you all when I click on the album in the itunes store to down load it say buy not free. I down loaded free content from Itunes before is it usually says free on the download button, grant it I can listen to the entire songs, but I am not sure it really free to down load, and own. I think Apple paid to freely stream it its customers for a month before it is available to any other retailer.   If you can actually download it free how is it done.
I was wondering that too, but i think they are assuming the watch and phone being close to one another is enough, People phones get stolen not their watch and phone at the same time. I would imagine the watch will not make a payment unless it is linked with your phone and the phone has to be close to the watch. 
Well as other have pointed, no real statement about battery life, it was definitely omitted on purpose. You know the first users will be playing with it all the time so it will not make it through the day and then we will have Apple Watch Batterygate.
Does that mean AI is not longer using flash which continually hangs the browsers, it happen twice today alone. Steve warn you all that Flash is bad and makes for a bad user experience.
I call flaw on the name Plus, not that apple has not done the plus name before but that was desperate  time. I do not see them going this route this time. As it was pointed out it maybe a translation issue.
Just looks like another attempt at bring back the 80's version of a Timex or Casio watch of the day. It kind of like trying to bring back the 70's Bell Bottom Jeans and Colorful shirts they look silly then and are still silly today
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