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This just proves that Mr Chen has no clue why his company is no longer a success. If he thinks cross platform apps will solve his problem he loss in the internet world. To use his train analogy, as long as the wheel are are the same (i.e. the data transport level) it does not matter what rides upon the those wheels. It like making all the box card and other types of container all have to be the same when it really does not matter.
This is true and the US use to work with other countries like the UK to gather information on US citizian and share it with the US government. Once the government had what they wanted to know they would then use legal channels to obtain what they need to go after those it felt was doing something wrong, but they also use it in witch hunts.
I guess you have not seen all those lawyer ads about all the FDA approved drugs which did harm to people. The most recent one was high blood pressure med, killing people due to unstopable internal bleeding. But then again these people who have high blood pressure were not long for the earth.
I though this was a dead product after people using them were found to be getting headache and such. I guess google it willing to take on the "Jerk" type lawsuits that will come later.   Google is good at hiring people who were not the originator behind the ideas they are buying. They think that Fadell was the master mind behind the ipod. We all know it was Jobs which made it a success. He is going to end up the same way Rubin end up, managing special projects (maybe...
Canada will not allow it to happen, they rather it die than be owned by a foreign company. BB will got the way of Nortel and its IP will be auction off to the highest over bidder, may google will get the bidding right this time.
Define good enough and best product. There are people who will argue to their death that apple product at not the best nor good enough. Here is why they stand on the firm ground that more, bigger, faster, brighter, thinner, lighter and the list of adjectives goes on of what Apple is lacking. These people think the more check list feature something has makes it the best, even it they do not, can not or will not use those things. Or they are buggy or take a PHD in computer...
Yep, connecting your personal life with work, can not see any bad things happy from that....   My work has a FB type website that allows people to set up profiles and share work related information, and I would think most bigger companies will not want this, but hell I do not understand why a company would turn over company emails with company secrets to Gmail so Google can read and analysis companies communications.
yep agree, it was all about trying to drive down GoPro high flying stock. May i should jump in now and see if i can make a quick 12%.
I agree, you would be amazed how much google is doing, I got all google related websites outside google.com blocked with little snitch. I have other programs who also attempted to communicated with google related websites. Google got their fingers into lots of things. I specially make sure I have Google analytics websites blocked this is the site they use to collect stats on what you doing on your computer
The only way this works is the target machine has to be logged into google somehow or have a daemon running on the target machine, ie something running in the background. This is the only way to avoid point forward when you have more than one compute behind a firewall or DHCP servers. this is how Logmein or Teamviewer works. What was nice about Timbuktu it does not require someone on the other end to connect, I there was time I told family to leave the computer on and I...
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