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 Actually what is really happening is that Apple is allowing the phone stuff to leak out, why, because it makes no sense to not to. It is not like people are not expecting it. Having information about the phones leak out actually helps Apple, because it keeps people from buying a competitor product when they know what Apple is about to do. No prototype of any product leaks out other than the phones. The phone leaks has actually hurt Samsung over the last two years just...
Here is what is going to happen in the wearable space, the exact same thing that happen in the tablet space. Apple will sell the majority of smart watches not doubt about it, however, all these other companies will sell a few android wear watches and the stupid analysis was pull numbers out of nowhere and claim android wear is winning in spite of no ever being seen wearing an android wear watch.
I personally think that Apple has locked in a few content providers just to show they can do it then others will follow just like they did with shows on iTunes. I'm betting Disney is locked in.
Actually what happen was that Lenovo shut down the Motorola business. Move the Chinese phone business under the Motorola name and will make these Chinese phones under the Motorola name. How do I know this, I have friends and know lots of people at Motorola here in the states and they all got their walking papers last week. Lenovo is going to try and sell their cheap phones under the Motorola name since it is seen as a quality brand around the world.
But we have not seen any prototype of the new ATV. why haven't they leaked out. With all the analysis sniffing around Apple's supply chain you would this prototypes would have leaked out like we see with iPhone. No prototypes then it must not be real.
Business as usual in Asian... This is what happen when people leave companies and go to another, they transfer everything they learned. They can not take the files but it is really hard to tell them no to use what they have in their heads.
I doubt Corporate IT is allowing people to install 10 on work computers, and this is where most of the PC are currently being used. So yeah MS just proved cheap people will install anything that is free. I am assuming they are making money off all the app store download since 10 probably made most of the user apps not work well so they had to pay to upgrade their apps once they realize they did not work and they could not go backwards, Great strategy give the OS away and...
At first I was not sure what this was important, there are only so many ways to can put a words together, but Swatchs use of these and trademarking does not make sence relative to time keeping, then they do the Tick Different thing and you know thier marketing team is in love with Apple and trying to do what Apple is doing. They fact they are defending themselves tells alot as well, Columbo does not translate well around the world but Apple does.
Translation, Swatch can not figure out how to deal with data encryption so not to get their pants sue off if someone's personal information is stolen from a watch.
You're now seeing why Steve Jobs did not like Wall Street they will bite the hand that feeds them every time. Really someone need to tweet the email. I do not think this help the stock today. The blood bath happen and the vultures sweep in to take what they could before the idiots realize what was happening. It is all paper losses until you sell, and what you will see is the weak stocks will die and never come back and the good companies will see more money pour into them...
New Posts  All Forums: