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Assuming the service providers allow the update, I am on an 18 month old Android on 4.1 and Google and AT&T both say it eligible to upgrade to 4.4, has it happen hell no AT&T has not approved the upgrade and they problem never will since it means I could use the phone longer and they does not help the Android manufactures. This is where Apple has won all the way around the service providers have not say so when you can upgrade an apple product.
This is what happens when you do not control HW and SW, and pumping the clock speed can not longer make up for poor software programming habits. Apple show the same thing back when they moved from PPC to Intel, their benchmarks for the same Intel Processor and PC was better. For years the wintel world solution for poor performance was increase clock speed and more memory.   The only way out from under this in the Android world is first google will need to rewrite Android...
Just another way for Apple to pay back to the community they live in. I rather see Apple do more at De Anza College verse going to SF to do their dog and pony showes. You know the College will put that money to good use verse the Convention center in SF.
but not all of them have the same sweatheart deal as Apple has, their total deal dates back 80's as we know.  This is why EU has focused on Apple and Ireland, the other company are not getting the same benefit as Apple. 
To your point Apple never pandered to the Morons, they not making product for someone who is check list buying so they can say they got the next great things. You're correct most people can never perceive quality difference between what we have today and a 4K display. There are other things that can be before making the jump to 4K is ever needed, but those things do not require convincing people to buy a new TV.
yeah I know Levono is buying Motorola but this product were in the works prior to the Lenovo deal. Yes original Nexus were more of the design Standard that the Partners were suppose to follow, but it obvious they are not competing.
Just love seeing Google compete against its own partners. Yeah Samsung is going to be happy that not only are they competing against Apple on the high end they now have to compete against Google/Motorola. Most likely Apple will take 1/2 of Samsung high end business now it looks like Google is going to take 1/2 of what was left for Samsung to try and go after. We all know that those who are buying apple are not going to hold off or switch to google products.
I have to agree. There is not kill app driving a change, I tend to hang on to my macs until I can not bare it anymore, The last one was 7 yrs old before I replace it two years ago with the 27' imac and I see no reason to replace it until a Killer app brings it to its knees or it just dies, but all the macs I owned since 1984 never died, they were just retired or handed down or off to someone else to use. At this point Apple is just chasing more of the halo affect of the...
These people need to go away and accept the fact these companies would have never hired them in the first place it has nothing to do with the so call deal.   I think there is 70,000 people in the claim group, yeah Apple and others have not hired that many people in the time period they claim this happen over. I bet that Apple gets a million resume a year and most of those think Apple should just hire them because they love Apple. 
Yeah I can not believe people were complaining about getting something for free. U2 is a good band maybe not to everyone liking but it not like music which only appeals to a small select group of people. There could have been far worse music that apple could have given away like Rebeca Black song, Friday. Just more of the entitlement attitude running ramped in the US, now they are entitled not to have free music sent them. I wonder if these same people complain about...
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