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Image if you remove Apple data from the comparison, and all the other tablets would be neck and neck with each other. It would be your typical PC market place all over again. 
I was thinking the exact same thing, it is like the whole concept of a space elevator, in theory it can be done, but no one can actually demonstrate it. Instead of talking about back doors and possible exploits, show us how you did it and what happens when you do it. Lots of systems have back doors and most of them as only accessible when the product is going through the manufacturing process or when it put into some debug mode which would be completely obvious to the...
It is just another government attempt to blackmail another company and fine them to cover the governments continue over spending. Maybe the EU want to use this money to bailout the Portugal Banks
What an analysis who is confused and can not explain the data. Okay hell must have frozen over that an analysis was unable to spin the data in a way which they could not manipulate it in a way which was bad for Apple and profitable to them.   Maybe analysis operating theories have been wrong all along, maybe consumers given the choose of cheap over a product with real value they will choose real value.   Or maybe the people with no money choose a phone over a PC and...
This is the import difference between Apple and Google business models and why people can not compare Apple and Google when it comes to privacy. "unlike many companies, our business does not depend on collecting large amounts of personal data about our customers." Google whole business model depends on gathering your personal information without the ability to do this they can not prove to Advertiser their ads are getting in front of the right people. Google profits...
I said this when Apple bought Beats, Beats worse competitor is itself in the way of knock offs, China has been knocking them off since day one and you can hardly tell which one are the original and which is the knock off. Unlike when china knocks off a Rolexs or even an Iphone or ipad you can almost immediately tell the they are fakes. With Beats head phones not the case, and most people can care less if they are Beats headphone as long as they look the same is all that...
Yes I would have to agree and any comments he is now making about Apple and it use of Sapphire would be a breach of that NDA.
the issue they have is our government can track their people since the date resides on servers based in the US and a recent court rules says that company must hand over information about people who are not US citizen and data resides on serves outside the US. They said the since they are a US company they must comply. So you have to ask yourself, would you want China having access to your information.
yeah I know that but the Fines Apple and now Amazon pays goes into the governments pockets. Remember as Apple did and Amazon is going to do they agreed to refund the consumers prior to the government getting involved so no harm was done. But the government still fines them for their activities. It like the find that Google paid for bypass the private search feature in safari. no one was harm no on lost money but the government collected a fine.
This is all a back lash from what our government has been doing. Our idiot in our government have no clue that their stupid idea can end up hurting American business abroad. This is what Apple all these company have come out public against the government activities. They were hoping to mitigate any downside risks but obviously other places in the world are not buying it.
New Posts  All Forums: