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What, he did not like his specially assignment, playing with robots anymore
yeah and he will be fired promptly since their customer will be happy.
To show you how screwed up the market is, Samsung a made their announcement and instead of being pounded in to the dirt their stock is up. Apple makes a killer announcement and the market focuses on ipad sales down and stock is flat for a few days then goes up, I think it only went up is due to the fact they knew Samsung was sucking wind.
Wait, IDC was actually able to read apple's quarterly report and copy the number correctly this time. What happen, did they fire the old analyst who failed high school math. Or may be they really got the number wrong this time and they will fix it next time.
You are right, Steve talked about making great product and the technology behind it. Tim appears to be using his position at Apple and the over all Apple success to push some sort of political social agenda. Yes, companies are part of the overall community and have some level of responsibility to the social aspects of the community. But Tim should be doing those things on his time not on Apple's. He should be talking about where technology is heading.
You are right, however, keep in mind that Samsung rose and fell in 3 yrs and Apple has been on the raise for 14 yrs now, as long as they do not get in the race to the bottom they will be fine.
I know you and other felt that GTAT knew in August, here is the information which shows it came to head in Sept 
This explain why apple has not announce the price of the higher end sapphire apple watches, they still do not know their costs for sapphire for those watches yet.
Okay this only getting better need some popcorn for this show.
I hope this goes through and we are probably looking at yrs before anything changes. What we need is Apple spending some of those $B on lobbying the government on this. You know the Cable companies will fight this to the bitter end. Apple can out spend them all if they wanted too.   Just to be clear, yes the Cable companies are evil, however, it really the content owners who are the evil ones. They restrict who is allow to have what content and when. Notice that the FCC...
New Posts  All Forums: