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I like the idea, but it is a failure, here is why.   It is made to replace a single light switch modal, in my house and many up scale house very few rooms have a single wall switch, most are dual or triples. The only place in my house with a single switch is the light switch to the basement steps. I have duals, triples and quads switches all over the house and many of two or 3 way. If you look at the size, it covers thespace of a dual switch plate so you can not retro...
 nope carbon fiber is not a great conductor or radiator of heat, it is good at insulating, you can buy carbon fiber heat shields these days.
not machined but punch press or formed sheet metal, and it not a die-cast since apple does not make  things out of casting, it the mold for injection mode plastic, and I would even go as far to say that it is not for Apple products. Most likely any prototyping work would be done in the US not in Asia, and that part does not look to be for production either. I is probably a injection mold die for some other plastic me too tablet.
Generally I would said Apple should not be hiring people from HP, however, HP did well in government sales and this is something Apple needs to do. We need the neophytes in our governments drinking apple juice were the bad cool-aid they drink now.
More data   http://www.techspot.com/news/58456-google-play-vs-app-store-downloads.html   Google Android cheapskates down loaded more but developers made far less.
Apple does not need to do this, The CC industry is requiring all POS terminals to be updated by Oct 2015 to accept the Chip and Pin and those POS terminal include the NFC technology.  The issue is not a hardware one, it is the fact the merchants are not turning on the feature or updating their sales and order processing systems to enable the feature in the POS.
Not sure that will happen, I wrote about this before. The last time I went to target they offered my 5% on all future purchases at Target if I use the Target card to purchase the items. If Target is willing to offer a 5% saving not to use another CC I am now seriously considering it. The the only reason I us a CC as much is due to the fact most all merchants factor in the fees they pay to CC companies on everything they sell. Very few will give you a discount for using...
Marvin,   I think you read that wrong the tech Crunch add said Apple made $10M and in told today payed out $15B up to 2013, and in 2014 alone Apple paid out $10B it does not say how much apple made in 2013 from the store.
This shows you how bad the fragmentation has gotten. Even MS the master of fragmentation can not make office product work on all the Android products in the market place. Yeah Free and open is good as long as you do not expect the product to work for you for the things that you need to depend on.
Samsung is a perfect Case Study on why companies should not listen to Wall Street and their stupid MBA analysis that Market Share is the most important thing to achieve.   Every company before them who chase the Market Share Carrot end up in this exact same situation, First it was Motorola, then Nokia and now Samsung, and who ever takes over the market leader position at all costs will end up the same way.
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