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Again, people should be driving their cars not entertaining themselves while they drive. and you wonder why we have road rage and people trying to kill each other while they drive.
It does not matter what Intel is doing there chip designs are power hogs to begin with, they sited the reason for going to 14nm was to reduce power consumption by 30%, litho shrinks in the past were to get increase speed performance, well they hit the wall with that, it is now for size and power reductions. However, in Apple case they are shrinking to continue to increase performance as well as decrease power where possible.   Unless Intel fundamentally changes their...
 I tend to agree with your analysis, however, the issue in the US and I see it all the time. the average person does not want affordable housing, people want that biggest and best house around. In my area I see so many people who are house poor, they buy a house which they can barely afford and have no money left to furnish the house, so they fill it with junk. Around me they keep building bigger and bigger houses, why because their are people willing to buy them and put...
Have you been in these factories, I have and these machines could run without single human involved, but due to China labor laws, not automated machine can run without and operator involved. There are very few exception and to get the exception you have to petition the government to allow not human to be involved.
I think the process for strengthen spots in Sapphire is due to the fact the cut home in the display for the home button and the speaker. It probably creates stress points that nee to be relieved.   If in fact the iphone 6 will have some kind of sapphire display no competitor can follow quickly since Apple has exclusive rights to the technologies as well as their own patents. I yeah I forgot that never stopped Samsung.
If people have not figure it out, the US government is fining companies left and right to fill hole in the budget. The Wall Street and the banking industry imploded on itself and took all our money with them the government went after them for the rest by fining the hell out of them. Since 2007 the US government has been aggressively going after companies for any reason they can come up with.   Grant it there are some screwed up companies out there and desire what that...
Wait they are reporting and making claims on number which the industry has yet to report out on. WoW this guys are wonderful that able to tell us what happen before the companies who actually know for sure have told anyone. I wonder who is their sources are of this insider information I think someone should call the SEC for sharing insider information before the company themselves make it public.
yes it enable the mindless
How do you know that? I have not seen anything which indicates its limitations. Say it is able to be bonded to GG3, it may limit the ability of the GG3 to bend thus what we saw in the video 3 which not an issue since your phone does not bend. The benefit would be a display which would not break or scratch, you get the benefit of both materials. If you research GG you will find it does in fact scratch and at those scratch points it become point where a fracture can happen...
No I mean a little green or red button that they push to start the operation or stop the operation. The machine does everything else.
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