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First, doesn't BB realize most the world does not care if their private information is secure, if they did they would not have bought into the google/android world. Next the FBI and CIA will declair BB or rouge state and they are only interesting in putting world governments above the power of the US government or they will be the pedophile friend.
When Asteroid leak out and then we heard apple was on a which hunt I said then it was a fake program to route out the leaks. I think Apple knew the people were inside, but they wanted to know the paths of the information and put the fear into anyone who got their hands on companies secrets to think twice about what they were doing. The big question I had at the time why would Apple go to this extent, if anything it just confirms the existence of the product. Today so much...
All this means it android will have all sorts of fragmentation in the payment arena, more confusion on what works and does not work. I doubt Apple will allow anyone else's watch to process payments with Applepay. We will have the Apple solution and then everyone else who is all trying to figure out how not to be left out, it will be a royal mess that is for sure. I just bought a bluetooth device which works with the Iphone and it clearly states works with all iphones 4 to...
But they all still run windows..... enough said. Okay could not help myself, it looks like they trying to go back the 90's with marketing specs and check list buying. I guess they have not realize consumers are not buy that want anymore.
Sapphire will break, especially if you hit the edge of it, an impact to the surface it is very durable, then again it also depend on it mounted. All the watch sapphire crystals I had are more of dome shape. Curve structure are strong than flat one. I had issue with sapphire on phone since the surface it large and it was going to be flat so if could be brittle and especially if you hit the edge the crystal would shatter unlike glass which would crack not necessarily shatter.
We all know that Cook is not Jobs and definitely not trying to be jobs. However, when I watched the keynote something did not feel right. I was not sure what it was, and I know Cook has the quirky way of talking but it was not that. I think you nailed it, he seem really detached from the product this time.We know Steve has been characterize as distorting reality most times and people really questioned whether he really thought the product were as good as he played them up...
have to agree, everyone wants to have an opinion and thinks that others care about.
I wonder how long it will take Apple to send a notice to Ebay to have that auction taken down.I wonder if the UI actually looks like apple or they just pasted the picture over them images. If they copied exactly they is pretty impressive you have to admit. I suspect those who will buy and we know there will be people who will buy it, when they get i bet they find out it does not look anything like the pictures they are using.Yep here is what they will get.
If google gets into retail, wall street and investors should crucify the stock value. They are an ad company not a retailer, and Google already wastes lots of investors money with all their no go pet projects. I like how they are positioning this as a billboard for google not a selling outlet, they are trying to keep wall street from pounding them on trying to get into the retail business. They could come in direct competitions with many of their ad customers if they try...
Here I was just about to call apple since i can not download any new apps since it keeps asking me to sign in an then saying it can not access itunes, got figure I can now come to AI to find out issues that apple is having internally.
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