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The fact Apple has blocked access to who is searching for what is staving the likes of Google and MS from valuable user information. So they are trying so hard to find ways back in.
What would you expect from and open source OS that anyone is allowed to basterize it in the name to make their product look differenct than anyone elses. This is why MS had the issues and Apple has never had this level of problems.
i know more people who upated to 9.1 from 8.x due to the new emojis more than any other reason. So all those other 150 new features was not worth it for people just the ability to give people the middle finger drove adoption.
I agree and I personally believe this was the deal that was in the works with Apple and TW before Comcast stuck their nose in the deal. I think Apple was working a deal with TW to allow them to stream their content rights to anyone who had a internet connection. Comcast jumped in the middle of this to put a stop to the TW/Apple discussion. I do not have any direct knowledge of this, I work in this industry and it a small world but there was enought background noise and...
the only ones making money off this was the HDD companies they sold so many cheap TB drives to all these companies who were all competeting for the same customers with no real way to make money. I just find it funny the movie pirates were storing their content on MS servers wonder if the RIAA and MIAA will be going after MS for storing their content on their servers.
The issue it not Apple it all their other customers who's business is hurting because of Apple killing the market, Apple is health the competitors are in trouble.
Where did you think the money came from to fund those ideas. Usually the government you mention DARPA, which happen to provide the start up funds for a company I worked for back in the 90's which invented ATM networking. The founders were four Professors with an idea but could not take it to the next level IE a product until DARPA pointed them in the right direction an through lots of money at them. When in College I had a few professors who whole jobs was to get funding...
Honesty, this is nothing new for Apple, it was not unusally for Apple employees to got to trade shows and conference registered as working for another company to fake companies. The reason this is an issue is the fact that most people in AI were stuck in some university for all these years since no one would hire them since they did not really know what to do with it. They are so use to taking other peoples ideas and running with them or sharing their ideas since they...
This is an interesting statement, "not for cord cutter." That is a very specific statement. Kind like when Steve Jobs said Apple will never make a PDA, but made Iphone which infact killed the PDA, and you can argue that the Iphone was everything that the PDA was suppose to be but failed to live up to.
Guess what if the US just did a little due diligence on those coming into this country they could have stop the really bad terrorist. One thing Trump said which is true, if we are tought on people trying to get into and staying in the US illegally or for the wrong reasons we would be much safer. Can not stop the home grown issue, but, if they just pay attention to the unstable individual that would solve the balance of the problem.   However, in our government typical...
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