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This is my point, their is no common version of Andriod every hardware Manufacturer has basterized the core version so doing this is extremely complicated. I could not even do this with Andriod tools which do the same thing when switching between Andriod phones even between the same manufacturer.
The only thing i do miss is being able to look at my watch on my wriste in the middle of night to know what time it is. Other than that I had no issue the watch is on my wrist at 6AM and off at 11PM and 50% power, one time did fall asleep with it on and woke up at 4:30 and realize I had it on with 30% power and popped it on the charger and at 6AM it was at 100%.
This should be interesting, will all the versious version of Android out there, I wonder how well this will work. I give one example, Even though Google allowed backup service on Android and there are programs like titanium which will have transfer all this stuff apple says they will do it did not work on Motorola and other phones unless you rooted the phone. Motorola blocked access to this information, mostly not to make is easy for users to easily switch to a competing...
Actually, those who like stream realize most new music is not worth owning and listening to over and over again. or rediscovering at some future date. I have thousands of songs, most are older and a few newer one. But music today from most singers is like the old time company jiggles which get stuck in your head to the point you hate it and never want to hear it again. This is why streaming good, you can continually move on to the next jiggle that everyone seems to be...
Yeah they have a free versions, but they also means they're sharing information about you so they can target market to you. Apple did a trade off, free but they would have to provide stats about who you are so advertisers can pay your bill. It is a decision people will have to decide subsidized music with your personall information or pay to ensure who you are stays with you not with someone looking to make money.
Not sure Pandora and Spotify had developers there, but an interesting point. Any Developer on any platform runs the risk of being render obsolute by Apple, google or Microsoft. This is why it is important to have a great product so you get bought out verse being put out.
Plus Apple can cut into Google's data collection on what music their users like..
I just love these ooops. But keep in mind this is most likely an ad company who is doing this for HTC, not an HTC employee. However, you would expect that if HTC is contracting someone to do work for them they would require them to use their products. Grant it you would never see any apple product that Apple is promoting would use a competing product to market it to the public. Apple would not allow it.
Kind of hard to pass a gas and company who provide life necessary products like Walmart. People spend more on gas every years than they do buying apple product, the same is true about feeding and clothing themselves.Unlike the Google model of chasing every person on earth whether they will make money off them. Walmart actualy makes money of those people who can barely aford what they buy at Walmart those people also keep coming back and buying more. It is ashame to think...
You know BB only sold 2.6M phones last quarter they must have been all sold in Switzerland. BTW they was down from the pervious quarter and they continue to decline.Personally I do not understand the SD card thing. I hate removeable storage even USB drives, I lost or left more of them than I want to believe. SD and microSD are even easier to leave somewhere. I always worry with my DSLR camera that I would lose the SD memory cards with pictures on them. I just finally got a...
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