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I have been using Quicken for the mac since version 1, I have my entire financial history in Quicken. I do not disagree that Intuit abandon the Mac users and it is a surprise they even came out with this. When OSX 10.7 came out and quicken 07 would not work I was extremely happy they put out a release which address the issue. I would also agree there are a few window features what I wish the mac version had.    However, I will tell you and this is coming from someone who...
why isn't green peace going after all these companies who are creating all this e-waste.   Hell Dell now have a table which is so bad they will give you one free if you buy a cheap-o desktop machine.
Can wait to see how he screws up a Basketball team. I said this when I first hear he bid 2M for a team which is not worth anything close to that. Here we got an owner of the team making and obviously idiot of himself only to have the NBA sanction him and for the owner to sell the team for a huge profit which is owned by a Charitable Trust. The moral of this story is if you have crap team make public ass of yourself, only to then make the team worth more and find someone...
My point was she always been on the opposite of the direction apples was heading the past year she was saying to get out since it was going down now she saying get in since it is going up. Honestly, Apple could be $200B income company in 2015 and it will not see $150. the market is not going to award a company the title of a $1T value company. Just may opinion at this point, just do not see it happening.
Been there done that, the new fertile grounds are Biotech. Apple is not moving that fast even at $100 it not going to go to $110  that fast too many shares outstanding. The good thing about having Apple it props up the investment portfollio since it now not going to rocket up and down like it was doing so it time to find other crazy stocks to take advantage of the ups and down and GT may be one of them.
100 has been a resistance point that is why the last few months when it got close it immediately pulled back now that it over it should stay unless other factors in the market which will pull it down again.
  yeah you beat me to it, she is horrible and so horrible I am now afraid she put the evil eye on Apple and it is going to go down.
If you really want to see how much production they are up to, just look at how much LN2 is showing up at their plant each day or week and look at the electric meter, if they are in full swing production they will be using lots of LN2 and electricity and the meter will be spinning like crazy.
 They also have limits on total amount of over time allowed. In China the practice is to have everyone work over time and not add another shift of workers if it can be avoid. I am not sure if the issue is no pay or too much time, I suspect it is too much time since that is the easiest to find. What people in the US fail to understand when it comes to China and labor is the fact how the rules work. In the US if you are being worked too much without the required breaks and...
Consider how well Apple does memory management, having less memory is less of an issue. Other what what others have pointed out about Safari tabs needing reloaded, I have not seen any downs side to have less memory then any of the Android alternatives. I will tell you this, the Androids with 2GB are not any fast, what you will notice with them is they just fill up the extra memory that much quicker, programs become memory hogs because they can. Kitkat has attempted to fix...
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