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The last time I checked Wi-Fi does not work over a few hundred feet and cell data a few miles. This thing is going to be 12 miles up. Yeah the could transmit down at higher power but your computer and cell phone could not transmit that far. So how does this thing work and what kind of equipment do you need on the ground. It sounds costly. It sounds like Mr Z bought into some stupid researchers idea and decided to give him money.
To your point the government would never tell Apple a person they were monitoring was a terrorist because Apple would have to shut off their access which would let the terrorist know the government is on to them. If the government would go after Apple for this they would have to go after the cell phone companies any Wi-Fi company and third party software companies since they are all would be involved.
The same argument can be used against lots of companies. You have anonymous VPN and email companies out there. Also what about people using PGP to encrypted their communications. They are basically saying only the government can have secret communications.
I have to agree where the hell are all those phones. I've not seen one since 2008. Let's not forget the source of this information is strategy analytics and they are know for making things up to suit their purposes.Edit: forgot they are including nokia numbers into the total picture.
Actually it is only the self proclaimed " I'm better than any Apple engineer and they still will not hire me" that they claim they could have done a better job, who are complaining.
Samsung should check with Motorola how well going after the middle ground worked for them. What is interesting you would expect the middle ground to be the best place as you see in many products but in cell phones it's the worst place to be it's smaller than the top or bottom.
For those wondering about costs, a 1TB HDD which is the lowest cost since it is a single platter drive is at $0.05/GB and MLC NAND is running around $0.50/GB. So they have to beat this in order to replace it.
One quick correction, MCL erase cycles is around 150 to 1500 depending on the lithography and SLC is between 10,000 and 100,000. You data is a number of years old. As you pointed out HDD are here for a while since you can write and erase millions of times and come back to the drives years later and your data is still there no memory solution can do things today.
Unless it is a standard that can be bought from others the most companies will not use it. Micron and Intel will need too license otherwise it will not be cost effective.
First it runs Android which ruins the moto hardware. Next I'm not aware of Motorola fixing their issue with over charging and over heating the battery. Every Motorola phone I owned within a year the battery was shot because they over heat the battery during any amount of normal use. Most of the issue is due to Google poor power management software and all the background activity they do heating up the processor.
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