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If google gets into retail, wall street and investors should crucify the stock value. They are an ad company not a retailer, and Google already wastes lots of investors money with all their no go pet projects. I like how they are positioning this as a billboard for google not a selling outlet, they are trying to keep wall street from pounding them on trying to get into the retail business. They could come in direct competitions with many of their ad customers if they try...
Here I was just about to call apple since i can not download any new apps since it keeps asking me to sign in an then saying it can not access itunes, got figure I can now come to AI to find out issues that apple is having internally.
Glass does not hold up even the mineral glass they claim is durable, I have broken more watch crystal they I care to admit. I wear my watches all the time doing everything imaginable and a good hit to the crystal will crack them. I had my sapphire watches for over 10 yrs and have not broken a single one of them and the faces do not have single scratch on them.So I do have experience with watches and glass crystals.
All I can tell you is this, my wife worked for a company which provided them software which was not use in a secret work they were doing since it was basic commercial software. However, she was not allow into any of their facilities without a through background check and she visited a number of their labs to provide training. She could not even visit without a invite from someone at the facility.I also know they share information on things which they do not deem secret...
I knew company would not be able to use the magsafe charger in their own products, you going to have to use the apple supplied one, I bet apple is not going to license the use of the Magsafe charger
I can not find the reference, however, I did read the NSA was affective in hacking into Microsoft's upgrade service and inserted their own code into the update which was install into a number of computers before it was in fact discovered. The Question is was the NSA successful in Hacking Apple's service and inserted its code, or as you pointed out hack a developer site and insert their code into their developer tool so any release of their software has hack code in it...
Actually it is a very secret organization, more top secret research is done there than you can imagine. Some of the top research minds work there.
You all know Apple is up to something with the price cut and Apple is not losing money on this, The COGS is in the area of $20 and do let anyone kid you on that. They have been making lots of money on this product for years. They just up the game and gave people a reason not to buy into the fire stick or fire tv or google TV. HBO is going to be the first in a line of content owners signing on to provideing apple user a subscription without need of cable company. Ala carte...
Since they are using the MagSafe connector mean you will not see a 3rd party solution to the charger. I believe someone was already showing off a kickstarter project to have a phone and watch charging station. That one is already DOA, since you know Apple will most likely go after anyone doing a magsafe charger like they did for the laptops.
Yeah i missed that one, figure $5K not $10K, I also missed on the stainless steel one figure around $500 not all the way to $1000, that is steep and the $1000 one will probably be the one I wanted with steel band.
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