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and those will most likely be on the same timeline as the ATV was for gen 2 and 3. Everyone could be waiting a while. I am curious to see if they take the Ipod approach, start high and work their way down. They did not do that with Ipads or iphones since the bottoms feeders moved in too fast with cheap Okay product that most people just bought.
what other company can create a billion $ business in just 5 months, and wall street thinks apple is on its way out. Yeah they have no clue, We know Google has wasted more money than this on all their ideas that no one is willing to pay for.
ah, i just saw that app that weight fruit and such and apple band it. I guess it was not a good idea to demo it with a spoon and something in a spoon, Perfect for your street drug dealer. I could see our stupid government putting on the list of drug paraphernalia and people being arrest of posession of drug paraphernalia
It just does not matter any more, When it comes to Apple and knowing the short term is looking good the Analysis who typically are so short sited they spend more time looking at what is between their legs than the woman in front of them, are now only concern what will happen next year. They did the samething last year ever time apple beat the near term numbers they said well next year is going to be bad for them just wait the competition is coming for them and will leave...
But the authorities can still listen in on your cell phone conversations, it is only encrypted in open air once it hits the cell tower it is back to odinary compress digital communications which can be router to any listen the phone company wants the data sent to. encrypted digital communication was done so your neighor could not ease drop on your conversation, by legal means that is. Remember anything transmitted over the air is free for you to recieve and listen to...
Yeah been down this path lawyers and company policie. Court could head in both direction on these kinds of issue. Some times they say well you have history of doing this so that fact alone mean you would either continue to do it or should continue to do it. Other times they say the past has no baring on the current situation which could be good or bad to you. They are not uniform that is for sure.
okay that is an interesting way of looking at it. I have said this before, it like the police knowing someone hid something in the woods but have no idea where and they lack the tools to find it and they can not force the criminal to tell them where it is at. In this case the got the prize in their had so they do not need to find it but lack the tool to open the prize
Actually they never bought into Apple pay, they just did not have a choice since Apple does not allow them access to the phone unlike Android phones where they can load their own software on the phones and block the use of Google pay since they were trying to launch their own pay service.
Looks like Apple must have hires some people from Google.   I guess the question is, did this work before Apple Music if so it should still work. I sad that someone at Apple made a decision like this to limit what you can search based on what you are currently subcribing to with Apple.   Think how this would work with Apple TV, if you're not subscribing to an Apple service or something similar it will not provide you the answer, or in this case let you know it has the...
First I did not watch the video, probably because I already knew the answers to my questions, they grab those people who would place stand alone GPS on the windsheild right above the steering wheel so they can see it in front of them. If they had experience users and drivers than they would not have story would they. I gave my dad who was 75 a GPS and thought it would help him, he was smarter than me and did not use it since it was distracting to him. Yes, people should be...
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