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Actually I exercise all the time with my stainless steel apple watch, the weight it hardless noticable. AL watch if for those who can not afford stainless, making a polish stainless watch more expensive to make. Being that the watch is designed for people who are active you would want sapphire, verse GG. The reason I only buy watches with sapphire today is i got tire of breaking crystal from banging them into things. Being in the gym there is tendence for your arm to hit...
Immagine Walls Street Analysis sniff around Russian companies to get an idea of what Apple is doing. You know all the rumors will be completely crazy, I not sure if Russians know how to tell the true, the stories they come up are far better than the truth. Truth in Russia is boring.
Yes the iphones all still use GG3 today, I am still of the belief that Sapphire was never intended for the phone, it was always for the watch, GT just put the screws to apple which force the delay of the watch to spring of this year I believe it was ready last fall, but with out the sapphire they had to wait, also they probably was going to put it on 100% of the watches, since most all watch over $300 usually have sapphire cystals, at least all the ones I have bought.
 I'll make it more clear, they are always completely wrong, it is a survey and by definition it is missing all the facts. Apple is the only one with all the facts they know exactly how many customers they have, no one else has the information. These survey companies have done this for a long time and most companies had to rely on them since they were disconnected from their customers and had no other way of knowing what was happening. This is why apple will be successful,...
Kou is guessing, but he may have uncovered Apple source of the stylus thus the reason this rumor is pretty specific in this case. Since he named the source you can bet they will soon be getting a call from Apple and may not have the business for very long. This is the cost I talking to anyone outside Apple.
I use mine every chance I get and it usually gets a "hey that is cool" or " I've never seen that before" response from people around me.
In my house I have 26 LAN connections I have GB Cable modem, and connector to that I have a GB WAN/LAN wireless router and then have 26 point GB switch which all ports are connected to through my house. I am hardwire on everything except labtops, phones and ipads, those all use wireless. I do not like wireless for any of my streaming devices, hardware just works far better than wireless through walls and floors.
Yeah I tell people all the time Agencies are never to be trusted, they are allow to violate your rights since they are not police nor do they have the authority to arrest you but they can share with the authorities what they learned about you no laws about that. But most US companies are on the up and up, most mean well but do cross the line from time to time, Google just does thing until they get caught and are told to stop doing it. The the old idea of do what you want...
BS, they do read your work email, how do I know, simple when my stupid company thought it was good idea to switch to gmail to save money I had the pleasure of having gmail for almost 2 yrs and I can tell you they read work emails. There are companies I did business with that I only communicated to them via work email and never once visted their websites or did searched on their business in google since I had no need to do so. Years before this Google made the connection...
Here is the scary part of this, the fact that Google had to answer the question in the first place is an issue. I am willing to bet that the device is somehow communicating back to Google. Google does not make stuff unless they can make money off datamining, it may not tell google which websites you are visiting bit it may be tell them other things about your usage. There is no reason to trust Google.
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