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This just means that those items bought in an Apple store will cost me. Apple packing requirements are not cheap, they come at a price that is for sure. Either they are going to pass the cost onto consumers or eat in margins what do you think these companies will do in the end. They already have to give up 30% to be in the Apple store.
Here is the issue, and the same is true for Apple, if the merchant or POS does not support NFC, you have to swipe, okay the Samsung system may work with swipes, but if the Merchant upgrade to chip and pin POS as required come Oct or they bare all loses due to fruad, then the Samsung System will not either work. If you have a chip and pin card today and swipe it on a POS with Chip and Pin the terminal knows you have the chip and forces you to put the card into the slot and...
Their argument is changing as one would expect, They are claiming they can not even use legal means to get at your dataThis is true, if your data is encrypted today, court can not demand that you turn over the data, they have no legal way to get to the encrypted data since Apple closed the method to unencrypted it. However, what the government is not sharing this is also true for any encryption software you may use on your computer files today.The issue prosecuters have,...
I installed Adblock on my all my Idevices and just on my phone in one month it blocked 1000's of ads and saved about 500MB of data from being transfer to my phone and I am not the largest user of data and apps in my family. These ads cost you more than time and display real estate, it cuts in to your data plans.   On my home computers I have been blocking ads for a long time, I even got Google analytics completely blocked at my firewall. Most all of google's ad websites...
Oh lets see normal negotiation Apple tells supplier unless they can get this price they are giving the business to another supplier. There is no story here and until someone takes apart the A9 no one will know for sure who got the business. Remember there were rumors that Samsung has 40% of the A8 business but no one found a single chip made by Samsung. I believe the 40% business that Samsung got was all the A7, A6 and A5 chips which Apple is still put in older products....
You're too literal, I know the difference between radio and streaming services. My point in when you listen to music from the radio or streaming you are not paying for it. The record lables still get paid, it just comes from a ads revenue.Yes Radio station have to keep a list of all music they play and they pay Record lables a fee based on the total play time. Does this make it way back to artists you guest is as good as mine.
Should work great until hard water hits the thing.   The problem with all the low flow shower heads (and I have used the same one (1.5 gpm) since the 90's and love it) they get clogged with hard water deposits. I have to clean mine every few years to it works correctly. Look at this design cleaning it is not going to be easy.
Yeah, no killer apps, some what true, but what he is kind of failing to notice. There is a whole population of users who are not on the 6 platform yet. The 6 platform as a whole does have bunch killer apps and the 6s platform will just add to that. The only issue is how many of those on the smaller phone perfer to stay on the smaller phones. We know that not everyone wants or likes the larger phones the only question will what will Apple have for them in the next go around.
wait, but, current day radio station are all ad based revenue. I guess we will no longer here certain songs on the radio unless you are paying for a service like XM/Sirius. Not sure how ad based streaming is much different than ad based radio broadcasts. Artists and Lable still get their penny per play and the money to pay the bill comes from ad revenue.
Well like MS did to the PC industry, Android is doing it at an accelerated rate. Google is laughing to the bank as all their hardware partners fight it out to see if can stay alive in the brutal race to the bottom. The only difference is the PC inductries was able to carve out a higher end market to keep most of them alive. This does not exist in the cell phone market, the difference is selling to consumers verse enterprise.
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