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One quick correction, MCL erase cycles is around 150 to 1500 depending on the lithography and SLC is between 10,000 and 100,000. You data is a number of years old. As you pointed out HDD are here for a while since you can write and erase millions of times and come back to the drives years later and your data is still there no memory solution can do things today.
Unless it is a standard that can be bought from others the most companies will not use it. Micron and Intel will need too license otherwise it will not be cost effective.
First it runs Android which ruins the moto hardware. Next I'm not aware of Motorola fixing their issue with over charging and over heating the battery. Every Motorola phone I owned within a year the battery was shot because they over heat the battery during any amount of normal use. Most of the issue is due to Google poor power management software and all the background activity they do heating up the processor.
Exactly, these guys sniffing the air and trying to piece together a story is a waste of people's time. The other issue is Apple works on a bunch of products which never see production.I think they will keep the 4" Modal the only question which architecture it will be based on going forward. Also will it always be entry level from this point forward. This will dictate when we will see a new modal.
It really needs crowd sourcing data to determine travel time and other issues on the road. Waze does this really well and so far it's the best routing map program right now. As others said maps already does some predictive suggesting about when to leave. I had in my calendar the address of where I needed to be and I got a notification saying I needed to leaving now it get to three location and it offer to map it for me.
This shows that the Chinese government values Apple more than their own companies. They did this to show any other company who is ripping Apple off to think twice. China would not shut down one of their own companies unless they saw more value elsewhere.
Not that I shop much in best buy but I have two with in 10 minutes of me verses the two Apple stores which are buried in the middle of a mall and take 30 minutes to get to then you have to deal with the mall people. You have to remember many people do not have an Apple store near them so Apple needs to do this. Best buy is the better option than a target or Wal-Mart at this point those places come along later.
Because they sell all the stolen technologies form all the theifing suppliers.Really, this issue is simple to solve, companies should come up with their own ideas stop coping others then they do not have to worry about getting their pants suited off in court.This is nothing new Henry Ford suite everyone too when all the other car companies copied his design and manufacturing idea and they scream foul and said he should not be allow to stop innovation.
Samsung thinks gold is the fix to the china problem they are having.
The only thing I find interesting about this is his statement that other cell phone companies will begin to look to Xiaomi for design inspiration. He would not say this unless they plan to do something. I curious what they may attempt to do which they think would get people to notice them again. Lots of company have tried lots of things to get notice but very few have changes the status quo. I predict what ever they make do will be a complete flop, kind like every cell...
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