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WOW, you made the assessment based on a press release, don't you think you should at least wait until you actually used it. How many times does companies like MS have slideware that people buy into only to find out it does not work as claimed which it better than anything else out there. Remember this, engineer who make these product think they are god because they can create things, so by definition it the best thing ever.
They are setting Apple up to be shorted again, they setting goals which they have not clue about, so they can short the stock when it does not meet their made up expectations.
Generally speaking, people do not like speaking to their electronic devices, yes if you live alone it perfectly fine. but most people become board with this feature and tend to go back to what works well. They do not say whether you can play content or control the box from an iphone or even an android device. This is actually the feature I see people use, they do their selection or searching on the iOS device than have it displayed on the ATV.
The copy machine is alive and well in Redmond
What Greenpeace is now on apple side, what did global warming finally arrive and the US is covered in the Glacier again. I think their chart would be better if they showed nuclear as green, don't things that have been radiated glow green and Clean renewable should be blue to represent clear skies, also since solar panels only work in clear skies. there is no way to know how these companies get their power, unless they see their actual electric bill which Apple does not...
Actually, it is a good thing, if he was then it open him up to questions about the specific patent in question. This way they can not ask him question about it, and Apple can bring in their own subject matter experts verse getting Schiller opinions on the patents. His purpose in the trial is to explain the harm Samsung did with creating confusion in the market place. You all realize that Samsung has not paid Apple a Penny from the last case, they are still trying to appeal...
it could allow them to put the technology into their own SOC thus eliminating another component on the board and allowing them to make smaller products.
The fact the lawyer asked this questions show that people are starting to realize Google may not be a good thing.
I never understood why the media and others do not go back and follow-up with these people and ask them to explain why they were completely wrong and why should anyone trust anything they have to say about the future.   It is like those people who run around saying the world is about to end and everyone need to prepare themselves for judgement day, that day has come and gone how many times in recent years and no on going back and ask these people to explain first why...
All it means is there is a group of consumers who do not buy on price alone, they put value other things, These people buy what they value not what is being sold. Too bad for Apple this group of people is not that large. But these people do spend lots of money thus the reason Apple has so much money in the bank.   it also mean that people learned their lessons with PC, so they no longer want to deal with this PC issues. If apple allowed OSX to be clones and put on lower...
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