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Except that Sony is better. most audio engineers have been using Sony Studio grade headphone for a very long time. I have a pair which are 25 yrs old and my kids use to fight over using them in long car ride when they would listen to music or watch movies. Sony has always made great sound products. even their consumer products are a step above due to Sony Professional grade experience. What I found funny is that the last yr Jimmy was on American Idiol he had all the Sony...
Just to be clear, these agreement are not out of the normal, actually I would say they are well done, and make it clear what is expected. It does not have too much legal mambo jumbo such that you cannot tell who has what risk and what happen is things go wrong. Case and point, if the supplier can not meet demand required they have to notify Apple immediately and then provide daily update on status and action plan. It not say really bad things will happen if they can not...
no it is not, they just trying to keep what is know as trade secrets, from public eye, these request are usually granted unless their a great good argument that the general public needs to know. The judge is over simplifying, to make his point to the lawyers, 
The negotiation powers may be swing in GTAT favor, but have to wait and see what the finally decision is, we know that Apple probably have better lawyers then GTAT. For those interested in seeing the MSA, http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1394954/000110465913082405/a13-19507_1ex10d1.htm and the SOW http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1394954/000110465913082405/a13-19507_1ex10d2.htm
Assuming the service providers allow the update, I am on an 18 month old Android on 4.1 and Google and AT&T both say it eligible to upgrade to 4.4, has it happen hell no AT&T has not approved the upgrade and they problem never will since it means I could use the phone longer and they does not help the Android manufactures. This is where Apple has won all the way around the service providers have not say so when you can upgrade an apple product.
This is what happens when you do not control HW and SW, and pumping the clock speed can not longer make up for poor software programming habits. Apple show the same thing back when they moved from PPC to Intel, their benchmarks for the same Intel Processor and PC was better. For years the wintel world solution for poor performance was increase clock speed and more memory.   The only way out from under this in the Android world is first google will need to rewrite Android...
Just another way for Apple to pay back to the community they live in. I rather see Apple do more at De Anza College verse going to SF to do their dog and pony showes. You know the College will put that money to good use verse the Convention center in SF.
but not all of them have the same sweatheart deal as Apple has, their total deal dates back 80's as we know.  This is why EU has focused on Apple and Ireland, the other company are not getting the same benefit as Apple. 
To your point Apple never pandered to the Morons, they not making product for someone who is check list buying so they can say they got the next great things. You're correct most people can never perceive quality difference between what we have today and a 4K display. There are other things that can be before making the jump to 4K is ever needed, but those things do not require convincing people to buy a new TV.
yeah I know Levono is buying Motorola but this product were in the works prior to the Lenovo deal. Yes original Nexus were more of the design Standard that the Partners were suppose to follow, but it obvious they are not competing.
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