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That guy has one hell of a crystal ball or I want to be on the drugs he is on. Where the hell do these guys pull these numbers from.
The race to the bottom is about to claim another victim.   This is what happens when you listen to Wall Street verse doing what is right for your business. Plus all that money Samsung spend of ads, celeb endorsement gone bad and paying local government to pay to advertise on publicly own properties. At least Samsung help pay for government over spending, oh lets not forget all the lawyer fees they had to pay to say out of trouble
When we hear that AT&T and Apple Employee being told they can not take a vacation on these days then we will know when it will be launched.
Not to trump you, but I have working the computer and digital video industry since the 1980 and specially digital video equipment since the mid 90's and currently work for the largest company who provides all the video devices to most of the MSO world wide. I am very familiar with how this industries work.  I agree with you that this is complex issue, and it is only complex because the industry has purposely set it up that way. Even today the MSO are doing everything they...
The problem with Wall street they have no clue what apple is doing until after they have done it. This guy seem to have gotten new religion. Apple is still working on a roadmap which goes out another 10 yrs and show how iOS and OSX will meld together and works it way into may places. People will come to expect a seamless experience everywhere they go.   I have said it for years, you know technologies fails when you have to learn how to use it every time a new product or...
Yeah Comcast buying TimeWarner put a big nail in that coffin that is for sure. I personally believe that the deal with TW and Apple was part of the reason Comcast over paid for TW. Comcast did not want this to happen, where Apple could deliver TW content to Comcast customer via a Comcast Internet connection.   Once consumers have the option to consumer content a la carte, Comcast and other cable operators will be just a big dumb fat pipe.   I have 4 choose for video...
I can tell you the Huawei has been under US suspicion since 2000, Companies which did business with the US government were told not to use Huawei networking product due to backdoor access that existed. This is nothing new, the fingers are just now being pointed to US companies, working on behalf the federal government.
I tell you how apple controls suppliers, it call they will never do business with Apple again, They know who does their PCB as well as the case, it is a very small group and it pretty easy to look at a picture and know which supplier the part came from. You do not want to be the supplier who has to say they lost the Apple account because they let parts leak out. If you ever been to these places where they make these part they have all kinds of security measures in place to...
Let me see if I got this straight, M$ turned over it source code, and the Russia were okay with all the security holes all through window, How does Russia think the NSA was spying on them in the first place, it was through all the back door holes in Windows which it is famous for.
Okay another analysis with some guy he meet in the back alleys of Taiwan and China who claim to be in the know about what apple is or is not doing.
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