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There will be a lot more playing out with this story    http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2014-10-06/apple-sapphire-supplier-breaks
Okay miss that it have an e-ink display, but those do work work well with bar code scanner which are laser based, you need to use them with the optical scanning types. Not too many merchants are using them since they more expense than laser scanner.
Yes it support Loyalty card, but only if they have a mag strip, Most Loyalty card I have are all bar codes and need to be scanned by laser scanner of bar card image processing camera. I do not seea way this support bar code based Loyalty cards.   As other say this is DOA, they too late for the larger market. There maybe a smaller market who wishes to still have cards verses using their phone. This could be good back up to your phone as well, you could put all your card...
   Based on the Oct 2015 mandate small merchant will need to comply as well and I would image companies like Square and others will be implement the NFC and EVM for merchants to use their phones and Ipad to accept payments otherwise, you will be liable to any loses. I personally see more people using the iPhone and iPad to process payments than I ever see using any Android device, Apple is already ahead of the game here.
I believe this is the patent for the watch, The display senses touch but also forces or more specifically the bend in the display. In order to measure force you can measure how much something defects or bends.
It was not a scam, they probable did some proof of concept, but the really question was could produce at a high enough quantity and yield at a leave which meet apples needs. Apple finances the factory and it obviously had issue and Apple decided to bail which was a smart business decision on their part since never let sunk costs affect future decisions. Fast it you lost money and you looking to blame someone one.
Sog35, I know you're on Seeking apha, and lately you and I been on the same page on various things Apple, However, Tim Cook told everyone and including the analysis not to try and piece together what apple is doing by listening to the supply chain, specially rumors. 10 yrs ago you could make lots of money following the apple supply chain and investing in companies that Apple is using, but people go burn on this when Apple flipped directions with no notice. I personally was...
No wall street has nothing to do with this, as much as I hate wall street, but they company spent more money they have have to cover their bills. They did this all on their own, they also did not do it because wall street was looking for higher returns, the stock went up since people assumed if apple is in to the company that company will grow faster than apple since they are small, bigger returns. The strategy is call falling the apple supply chain, usually can make more...
Actually HP made they claim to Fame in Test Equipment. There was not a single High Tech Product in the last 50 Yrs that did not use some sort of HP test equipment (Known today as Agilent) Also HP did not do Mainframes they did Mini's and was heavy in the PC or the test and measurement works and printers was another claim to fame for them.  At this point, it is time to put a fork in since it is done. This is no different than what happen to Motorola. Motorola's was known...
yeah some people use Bankruptcy is a business strategy. But I am beginning to suspect they are not that smart. It appears they over extended themselves and maybe they sold Apple one being able to do a iphone size display and it all fell apart and we now know what direction Apple went in. They have money in the bank, but their debt out weights what they have in the bank as well as future AR and sales forecast and their creditors were coming after them.
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