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This shows you how bad the fragmentation has gotten. Even MS the master of fragmentation can not make office product work on all the Android products in the market place. Yeah Free and open is good as long as you do not expect the product to work for you for the things that you need to depend on.
Samsung is a perfect Case Study on why companies should not listen to Wall Street and their stupid MBA analysis that Market Share is the most important thing to achieve.   Every company before them who chase the Market Share Carrot end up in this exact same situation, First it was Motorola, then Nokia and now Samsung, and who ever takes over the market leader position at all costs will end up the same way.
I agree more people bought the 64 and 128 models then the 16, however you cost estimates are off, the NAND that apple uses runs about $0.75/GB so cost delta will be about $36, you can not compare the cheap consumer grade SD NAND cards to what Apple is using, they are different beasts. The 64GB added around $40 to the profits.
I still have my Duo 230 and the motorize dock and it still works.  Apple got that right when they did it. too bad everyone though you have to have the dock for it to be useful. At the time the Duo was the lights Laptop on the market with the longest battery life.
You probably more right than wrong there, they trying to get apple's number to raise in the next 3 weeks so they can dump it. Do you really think they tested their assumptions, be real this guys are all pulling numbers out of the air, they doing the supply chain scratch and sniff to determine what number smell best to them. Yep they are Doomed, the talk already started last quarter that if Apple pulls this off they could never top this number so we should get out now. We...
I actually used the first commercially available IR system back in the 80's it was design and made by Huges who first invented the technology for the military, Flir came in the game much later. They were one the first to come out with a room temperature sensor, all the "Good" detectors had to be cold with LN or a piezo electric cooler or so other inert compressed gas. Flir always had issues with temperature accuracy around measuring temperature at and below room...
I have to agree, Years back when I was researching audio cable for my home I ran across an article written by a retired audio engineer from one of the big names in speakers and stereo equipment. He brought me back to my basic electronics background and how any copper wire will work for audio. Unless you pushing more then 1500 watts per speaker your basic 14 or 12 gauge stranded copper wire will work. The wire has no influence the fidelity of the sound copper properties do...
I would not mind a discount ad when using Ipay, that say you can get an instant discount applied to your purchase at check out time, kind o like retailmenot coupon without having to the the search for them. I Like shopping in store who tell me that have a discount even then I did not know about them or forgot the coupons at home. They still give you the discount without having the coupon, so this kind instant feedback base on a location of purchase would be great.
I am really trying not to be old here, but do we need all of our appliances connect and talking to one another. Other than to eat I barely interact with my appliances, why would the average person have a need to check on what their stove or refrig is doing when they are not standing in front of it. I do not see the need, it appears to be just another gimmick to make you pay more. It hard enough to find a good basic appliance which just works with all kinds of bells and...
yep and one for the refig and oven, do not want my food being infected. With all the sheepeoples in the world and I heard of people things they got sick because their computer had a virus, image what people will begin to think if your refig got an virus.
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