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 Apple could be doing a couple of things here, if they feel they sold as many mac as they could to the people who have money to buy its products they are now chasing the next tier down in the consumer base. In the PC world what I see happening is those with cheap PC have a couple of decisions, they can spend the little money they have on maybe upgrade a computer in their house which has window XP or maybe 7 to windows 8 and deal with all the associated issues that...
Something to put this all in perspective, I think we all seen enough bits and pieces of the iphone 6 to believe it is more real than not. We just do not have the skinny on the all the specs of this product.   Now, think about how well Apple keeps things under raps until they get to show off the new widget they came up with. If the iphone 6 bits are slipping out why not bits of the so call iwatch. You can image Apple is using most of the same supply chain who appears to...
^ Okay were thinking Crystal ball and I was thinking reading Tea leaves of the supply chain again.  
I said it before, Amazon will turn this around, once they have everyone locked into buying from them, you will see free shipping go away and deep discounted prices will be gone, their pricing will be no better than anyone else's and they will begin turning a profit.
First that is a cool watch, I have not seen this before, but this exactly what I am talking about. Let the real watch designer do their things and let apple do theirs and in the end we get a great product.
Not true, Apple did a join design with Sony one a model long after the first Powerbooks, It came out about the same time as the performa products and it was suppose to be less feature lower cost product.
no she was given a goal to bring in so my fine revenue for the government this year and she is not going to reach her goal.
gee, there was no damages since the lawsuit was fill immediate about apples announce plans. It was not like Apple and publisher was doing this for years before someone called foul. No consumer was damage since consumers could still buy cheap books at Amazon like they always have been.   The courts and local AG's act like consumers have been over paying for years.
notice the word choose here  The spokeswoman could have simply said they are not working with Apple, But she went on to put some clarification around her statement. So they may not be working with Apple on an Apple Design, but they could still be working on their own designs if apple is doing the car play concept. 
Well maybe they are doing the car play approach, develop a set of tool and API's and work with the world manufactures to implement them into their designs. This way Apple does not need to be a watch expert but work with the experts and provide them the tools which allows the watch to work with apple ecosystem and product offering.   This could be a much better approach than them making a watch, they could do their own design but they may allow everyone else to do the...
New Posts  All Forums: