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Google is really taking to the heart the concept that your have will lots of failures before you have a success.
Let also keep in mind when Google bought Motorola, they kept them as a whole own subsidiary just like Nest. they also put in place google insiders to make sure Motorola did what they wanted. Your not 100% correct that Motorola did not sue anyone when they were owned by Google, they did not sue any new companies they continue there activities against Apple and add more suits on. Google was quite aware of Motorola attempts to coerce Apple to signing all the Iphone rights...
As I predicted with Google/Motorola which was they would be out of the cellphone business in 2 to 3 yrs, Nest will be just a dried wet dream spot on Larry's pants in another 18 months.   Yes I would say google got caught, as I said above, they never expect Apple to take the approach to allow any hardware/software company get in to the home automation game. I said this before as well, home automation is a mess, hard to impletement and deal with all the various standards...
Yep it a desperate attempt to counter what Apple is doing. Apple just marginalize them to be another device hanging on the wall, one of many which you will be able to buy in the market place in the coming years. Apple just destroy the only thing which differentiated them from everyone else in the market.   Can you say another $3B down the drain.
Here is what happen, when Google Bought Motorola and before they dump Rubin they hand over all android related development activities to group of Motorola engineers, this group was different than the ones who turn out the MotoX and its variants . Then when Google sold Motorola to Lenovo they told this same group of engineers that were going with Lenovo and could not stay with Google.  Then Google bought Nest and we have this story. What Google is doing with Hardware is...
yeah any press is better than no press.
okay this is getting old, at this point if Samsung is not screwing up someway it not normal.
Yeah it is a slow Apple news day. Google it trying to get as much mind share as possible and AI is help with that.  That appears to be interesting, why waste the performance power battery life when the OS and Apps can not support it.
Totally bad idea, and I have to believe Apple's Engineers are smarter than to listen to Intel if in fact they are vying for this business. Mixed signal processing like that of the Qualcomm chips are a completely different beast then a Digital only process which Intel builds. Intel does not have a good track record with mixed signal and analog and digital stuff in the same package.
Google must has realize that women need to combat the geeks guys using google classes to hit on women, this was the glass can tell the women to watch out for the geek in the room.
New Posts  All Forums: