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so when will Samsung begin offering a free finance of phones like Apple.
What data do you have to back this up, BTW I own a AW, and did so since I wanted a fitness band and needed a new everyday watch and did not want to ware a fitness band and a watch (I am not big on looking at my phone to see the time). I know a lot of people who buy watches for the fashion item, and they would not wear the AW solely for fashion they still have the nice swiss made watches. I also own a couple of different watches and I still wear them especially when going...
Actually Motorola had this design on their Atrix phone it was at the top but on the back. The location work great from a usability stand point. too bad the sensor just suck and told multiply attempts to have it read your finger print.
Which means that the will kill the battery even faster due to over heating while charging. Charging is faster is not always good especially if you can not keep the battery cool. Looks like Google burned through another partner they had to move onto Huawei verse working with HTC. I do not care what people say, streaming content over WiFi sucks, I have strong Wifi signals in my house and it I see blocky or slow video when streaming over WiFi, this is why I have hardwired my...
That is exactly what I thought when I saw the teardown from them. I was wondering how they qualified as a developer to get on of these. I suspect that Apples screening process did not look at each request all that closely. At least they did not whine about it and said big bad apple cut them off and they did nothing wrong. They knew they took a risk.
First, sealing connectors is not going to stop water damage, water connecting any two pins of the any of the chipes is enought to kill the parts. Spending money on a seal for connections is not worth the time, effort and cost since it will not stop the major source of water induced failures which are the chips themselves.   My belief these parts are in fact to help ensure the connectors stay connected during a drop event. I heard feedback from Apple employees they have...
Actually it does matter how many units are sold relative to those costs, Yes those cost are fix for the time period units are sold over, however, the Margin is directly impacted by how many units are sold. The large number of units sold means the total cost are spread over more units so the cost per unit is less. This is why they can not say for sure what margins will be until the last unit is sold so they can do the math. But these guys who analyze the cost of parts and...
I think Apple is doing this now since Samsung has been loosing big time and there is no sign they are going to be able to turn this around any time in the future and it is in Apple best interest to settle this once and for all especially since they are getting back in bed with them on SOC.
I like how Apple forced the issue with all the cell phone companies. They really do not want to loose control over the customers.
I knew some one was going to figure out a way to make money off what Apple did. I usa adblock, it is free and uses a VPN connection to block ads and it works well.
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