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Anyone remember the wristwatch calculator, enough said on that topic.     For anyone who has tracked CES over all the years know that there are many products shown off here which never see the light of day, well they saw some day light before they hit the shredder. Most stupid product are shown off at CES than actually product that had any sort of real life application. This maybe the reason Apple and now MS has chosen to stay away from CES. Why show off your product at...
Definitely looks like the Motorola Lawyers screwed up on this one, it looks like their patent applications were not broad enough and Apple implementation was not the same as Motorola's. Something else to consider is Apple may have looked up all these patents and just designed around them which can be done if you understand the patent. The more specific a patent is sometime the easier it is to design around them.
Not sure if that is 100% true, google is a one trick pony, "ads" yeah they play in other areas and lose money at it, "motorola" for the most part all the income is coming from ad. Price line is the same way and Netflix, the only one who is a little diversified in Amazon, but the are a retailer but have lots of revenue streams but loose money as well.
Yes people will buy this, but another dump product, i am not sure what it is with people need to completely document their lives, i am sorry you are not that important. Really though, once people realize what this is they were be a backlash, other will not want to be part of you picture taking.    Do not believe me, look at this guys experience when he walk around just recording people in public.   http://www.youtube.com/user/SurveillantCameraMan
but why.... really we need a cable that is now jewelry and they call it a wearable, this is definitely for people who have more money than brains
This meeting my turn out different than the last one, There is a lot more water under the bridge from that first meeting and now, mainly Samsung has lost a number of their cases and claims. Obviously Apple is sitting in a much stronger position this time around, They won cases, they pulled business from Samsung. Samsung will have to decide if the course they are taking is in the total best interest of the company.
I was about to say the same thing, what apple did is very passive, it does not requirement you to do anything special or extra, you do not need to look at the phone for it to recognize you and unlock the phone. The best technologies are the one that work and you do not know that it doing it for you.
Apple is not selling cheap phones, the service providers are still buy the phone from apple at full price, or at some discounted price. Also, it could be that apple does not get the full value of the phone until the 2 yrs of the contract is up. Apple could be subsidizing some portion of the purchase over time. At one time it was believed that apple was getting some portion of the data contract over time since they were the enablers of the service providers ability to sell...
but again wall street does not care if a company rips itself apart to gain the almighty no profit market share gold ring.
So do you buy a car to drive or entertain yourself. This is why i hate driving anymore too many people driving distracted and causing accidents. There is no place for these products in a car, you do not need to be entertained while you drive, pay attention to the road and the the other drivers around you and stop fiddling with your technologies. You think it is bad when you see people reading news papers and shaving or putting on make-up. These kinds of systems will only...
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