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Those factories in the US are using skilled labor, or union workers, or making high margin products (50%+) non of which Foxconn will use or hire to build TVs.   Also, the US employees less then 10% of the total work force in a factory, however the US is the 2nd largest producer of finish goods in the world second only to China which employees about 30% of its work force in factories. and China does not product 3 times as much as the US only about 50% more.   Another fact,...
To drive Tim's comment home     It would be interesting to see the wages that Apple's US work force totals to as compared to the 700K+ workers in China making Apple products add up too.   I suspect that Apple's US wages total far more than the 700K+ working in China.   Would it be better for Apple or any company to keep adding higher wages jobs in the US or exchange those for lot more lower wage jobs. I do not care how you sell it, no company is going to pay someone more...
See competition is good, the Iphone is forcing the provided to upgrade their equipment.
Not necessarily easy, but if you are seen in the industry as a leader you could be asked, Best part you get paid as well including your expenses. I knew a guy who was retired at 50 and sat on 5 boards and use this money for fun and travel. at the time is was like $30 to $50K depending on the company. 
So M$ next great idea to make more money is to make you rent their office productivity tools, and if is web base it is probably not much better than google docs.   My biggest complaint about Office for years was it did way too much, it was trying to compete in too many markets so you got this overly complicated mess. Grant it the new version tried to simplify it, but it too is a mess and hard to work with. I hated paying the big $ for M$ products since they cause me...
Apple over the past 10 yrs work to consolidate the markets it to a single product and now we have MS trying to fragment it into market specific products. They we create all these variant to chase after each market in hope they will buy multiply products running M$ something on it
Here is the fundamental flaw with their strategy on removing the HDD all together, I agree moving parts is not a good thing it can be damage and wear out. However, a HDD can write a bit to the same location hundred of millions of times and as long as the drive is still spinning and functional you can retrieve that data. Not true with SSD. SSD wear out faster than an HDD does especially if you use applications which write lots of data and erase it. Which most modern OS do...
This article explains what apple is doing with their ipad products and pricing   http://www.valuewalk.com/2012/10/apple-inc-aapl-could-face-profit-issues-with-ipad-mini-pricing/   Especially this chart, I suspect who ever did this did it well before they intro the product. Unless people who were predicting a $229 ipad mini they failed to factor in the itouch in their analysis    
AI, which is it, Did or Did not Infringe, please make up you minds here         But you have to give apple credit for using the judges words against Samsung. I bet the judge will hear about giving personal opinions in a case like this again.
yep that sums it up that is for sure
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