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So they were looking for Apple to save their month in the last 10 days that the Iphone was actually available to buy. Yeah those people were leaving anyway, I bet they went across the street to their competitor and got the Iphone there.
If he thinks he is as good as anything Apple does or Steve did, he should get Steve's pay check. I think it was $1 per year up to the last day he was there.
It is all BS, I think it is another attempt by some idiots to manipulate apple stock. they will use this and means to drive up or down the stock value based on what they think will make them the most money. It was like the whole TV thing apple was supposedly making.
 To your point most people have no idea how long it takes to bring some product ideas to market especially when you are one of the first doing it. The track pad used on the laptops was in development at apple for over 5 yrs before it finally showed up in the first Powerbook.
 In the new smart phones you can actually disable charging in software so plug it in the tool can disable the charging. But if independent are running the test they are not going to things to help anyone supplier look better.
Here is how you fix this problem, as this article points out the benchmark number if just one of the things that tell you how good the product is. So if Sammy want to play this game let them, run the benchmark test until the battery die and record the time so report the performance as a function of usable life and see what happens. In a prior career I did performance testing on Laptops which we would measure battery performance as a function of doing everyday things like...
 Sounds like a wet dream for you...LOL
Android will become synonymous with being a Yugo.   I find this whole benchmarking things a joke anymore, it no longer about this, well most buyers except in China do not care about this. It is like auto industry back in the 60's they had a marketing slogan of win on Sunday sell on Monday. People we see that a car win a track figure it was the best so why not buy it. But what they did not know the car that won in a way cheated it was not the car you can buy, it was...
Oh my god the children we must protect the children from evil web content. Yeah if you want someone attention on something calling in the children.   Really did apple screw up here or did the company who provide the nanny product that schools are obviously loading on ipad is at fault, Apple does not verify if 3rd party apps continue to work, thus the reason they allow you to beta test the product before it is release. Someone else already said it the schools screwed up...
 I would just say Google was not smart enough to cheat, or I give them credit that the just following apples lead which it is no longer about bits and byte and MHz and GHz. it about the overall experience and most people could care less about the benchmark test. I think the benchmark companies are more upset than anyone else since the sanctity of what they do has some how been soiled. But really, it is no different than teaching to the test you have to pass. We have an...
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