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I personally think people should mail bomb this guy and any other analysis who get it completely wrong. I do not understand why people do not call these idiots out. Besides mail bombing the analysis call the media and ask them why they continue to believe people who are wrong or are lying and presenting it to the world as fact.
it sounds like a MS is now in the car business, who else buys buy competitor products so they can sell you their new product.   Remember MS can afford to do this since they already wrote off the inventory so giving out a credit to allow them to sell at full price will actually be money in the bank for them.
 Only true if you do not have union backing you or your not working for a large company. The US does require time and half for hourly workers who worked over 40 hours in 7 day period. when I was younger I use to love the hourly job and took ever chance I had to work over time, just love the time and half pay.
 Yeah nothing is really truly anonymous in this day and age with electronic communications. They can trace us back if they really want to. However, I a good ideal that law enforcement is actually using the public to help track down people, They really need to get some of these people off the street and stop worrying about the guy smoking weed. The local transit authority has release a suspicious person app to allow you to report people who look like they are up to no good...
I wonder how good is Samsung copy machine is, wonder if can resolve down to the level of Apple 64bit architecture. They maybe able to copy the hardware, but the photocopier may not work on the software as well.   Base on the fact Samsung obviously had no clue this was coming otherwise they would have preempted it last week, it sound like Samsung did not make the A7 chip, this must have gone to TSMC. 
Not sure if you all know this, but Apple has not paid a single dime to Motorola for the patents it is using, the dispute is not over whether Apple is in fact using those patent it just over what to pay. As we all know, Apple developed the iphone undercover and never let anyone know what they were doing. I would not have surprised me if they had set up some fake company to talk to suppliers like Qualcom so they did not know it was in fact Apple making a phone until the last...
Icahn just bough more apple stock, the only reason he buys is if he think it is undervalue and he can force the company to change business practice to improve the price. Look Apple Icahn is coming after you. 
One thing I have to say is Apple probably know better than anyone else what a consumer is willing to pay for a phone. It sounds like the stock is down because analysis do not think people will pay the price. Again it the ideal of sell at next to no margins so the total unit numbers are high. These analysis only look at one thing unit shipment, they forget that Apple bank account is the largest in the world. verse the guys trying to sell cheap can barely keep the doors open.
 Oh you went too analytical, but I agree if you are selling gadgets to you want to sell to the lowest common denominator (The clueless) and if you are Wall Street it about the guy loosing the most to ship the most. However, you would think the service providers would want the product that makes you more money like selling bandwidth usage, but they are about giving away fee product so they can show Wall Street they have the most subscribers which they are loosing money...
When you talk market share in the mobile world this is the stat that counts, It shows that iOS users use their product as intended. Yes Android ship more product but people are not using them as intended, they are using them as a phone and status symbol. They walk around showing off they have a smart phone like everyone else but are not smart enough to understand how to use them.
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