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I am all about free speech and people having an opinion and expressing them. However when guys like this and news make statement which is not base in any fact this is where it has to stop. The news are trying to follow some story line which help them bring in view and people like Krass have vested interest in their comments being heard. In some regard this kind of activity is no different yelling fire in a movie theater and that is not protect speech.
Most everyone said it, here we go the race to the bottom is in full swing, it killed the PC market place and gave us nothing but crap that did not last longer then a few years.   The company set prices and then try and figure how to make a profit, in the mean time the consumer get nothing but junk and anyone who has something of value gets drag down in the mud with the rest of the pigs who do not know they stink.
I would say beware of slideware here or in this case videoware. Yes a very cool idea and see like a great idea, I bet it takes training the device and you can be almost assure the demo it purely demo, what you saw was someone pretending to control things but in reality there was the man behind the curtain.   The is like voice dictation, yeah it is great, but the mere fact you have to spend time training the system turns it off for most consumers.   I would like...
Can not agree more, was the first thought that came to my mind.    Look out AIG, your stock is going to get slammed all over the place.
Maybe Tiffiany should make and sell cheap jewelry, how about BMW and Mercedes make some kind of Yugo, or maybe Rollex should look at getting into the timex business as well.    Hey look I am now an analysis and figure how to make premium products company into nickle and dime stores for the masses.
Honestly, anyone who is upset of crying over this revelation deserves what you get here. What hell did you thing was going to happen when you take something for free.    I do not feel sorry for anyone who had their personal information share with whom every wanted it. If it was that important you should have never agreed to use google stuff, Maybe the DoJ will go after them for this one as well, But if I was google i would stay what did all these sheep think would...
I personally still believe Apple created vaporware slideware just for this purpose to root out the leaks. I would not put it past Apple and Steve for a single minute.
Actaully, it is more than 1M share in question. Apple trade on average around 15M to 20M per day, but on the days in question and when those hedge fund did their trades 40M to 50M share were traded these fund did not sell less then 1M share they sold a lot more than that. Their largest block of shares may have only been less then 1M share they could have sold multiply blocks over times. Also, people who watch the markest closely see they large block going they dump as...
You know how he got this job, he lied, he probable told them he was set up for failure. The conversation with the new company went something like this...   "Apple told me cut costs and I did as they asked and when the out come was not what Apple wanted they fired me publicly as to remove themselves from the blame"   This new company bought it hook line and sinker and hired him since they feel bad how Apple treated him.   In reality this this guy was was...
See it not all bad, but selling at the high and forcing the drop and then buying back in when they force it low makes them lots of money, How many of these same funds also shorted the stock the the same time. It becomes a self fulfilling Prophecy.
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