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wait they are getting paid for an internship, here in the US most interns never get paid, their pay is the reward of allowing to work for free for some company. Now a co-op is a different story, you are suppose to get a pay as part of work study. What are these students complaining about they are getting to do something that most people in the world could never experience they should be happy they were even selected for this internship.
wire all the recent security and privacy concerns, I think Apple decide to forgo the RFID chips, people are concern about being tracked by locations service and the such well with RFID which many stores now use for inventory management and such could easily track users coming and going. It would be easy for someone to read the RFID chip in your phone and do things which the rest of us have not though with that information. I suspect that Apple came up with their own...
Sometimes it is petty easy to see some level of similarity between a patent and how someone may have implemented an idea. However, I can not even begin to see the similarity in this one. When it first came up and even when the court rule for Mirror world the first time. I really thing the people who live in that location in TX have no clue and if you told them they were looking at pink bunnies they would agree.
The PC industry did not see this coming, and ignored it and thought people would never abandon a PC. 30 yrs ago Main frame and terminal (Client/Server computing) were big and PCs was taking its lunch away. Now we have the ipad (terminal device) in conjunction with cloud computing (main frame) take away the PC lunch. Unless your in one of those two camps or both the future success will not be very good.
Not enough memory.   Google's business model rely on you keeping as much of your personal and owned/rented content in the cloud on their servers so they know all your dirty little secrets weird fetishes. So when you're on the plane flying somewhere and want that movie or play a game only to realize oh yeah it is in the cloud and even though you're flying through them right now you can not access your content.
Actually I use maps all the times, both paper street and topographically maps as well as electronic. I look at them and look at where I am, then go on may way to where I need to be. I could care less what the it looks likes before I get there.    I am not saying it does not have a use, but people need to stop becoming reliant on these systems because they are not always right and or available all the time. When you find one things wrong with data systems like map programs...
I suspect that 22% in the US is based on Amazon website sales compare to other similar product they sell on their website. No Table supplier has called out how much of their sale was US only.    Their claim maybe true is all you are considering it what Amazon sold themselves in the US. Other than this they can not make any claim like this since they or anyone else has the specific data to make the comparison.
I really feel bad for all you people who have to rely on a mapping program to find your way and better yet, you need pictures to know if you on the right street or in front of the right store or restaurant. Are you completely lost if your battery dies? Yeah most guys hate asking for direction, but it is not that hard to find a location, you all know streets have names and building have numbers.   I will tell you and I have seen this with Google maps a number of time,...
Did anyone notice he talked about Street View, How MIT back in the 70's demonstrated the modern day Street View from Google. He even said how stupid it is to walk down a street on a computer, but it will be something that will be done in 5 or 10 yrs in reality it was 20 yrs. What people do not understand he had total grasp of what the future of the computers was going to be. Most people have no clue until the stumble onto it.
Like everything companies do, they come up with lame reasons to make changes and try to make it sound important, but in reality it like trying to explain why woman skirt lengths go up and down from year to year.
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