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Jabil should be slammed for have one customer make up 50% of their business that is pretty stupid especially when you are talking about Apple being that 50%. No company should have that much business with a customer and Apple has destroyed companies because of their over reliance on Apple business. At any time Apple can change direction and one day your in and the next day your out. 
 This is the important part, remember the government and I will leave the presidents name our since that does not matter anymore. The US declared war on Terrorism/Person/Group, not a countries, and the Patriot act was pass as part of the war declaration. Someone correct me if I am wrong but the US is still in a state of war with Terrorism and as such they are allow to suspend the constitution in the name of national security. This what is going on and unless the Patriot is...
Another way to look at it was that the Iphone 5s had more issues so people were searching the web for solutions to their issues. Personally it is not usually a good things to be ranked high on Google trends it usually mean something bad happen and people are trying to find information about what happen like people dying.
More C level Execs at companies have lose there Jobs over what Apple is doing Here is another  Motorola CTO was fire after she came out and said there was nothing innovating or unique Apple as was doing when they introduced the iphone, she now works for Cisco.
Boy this discussion went south fast, how did this turned into a US Heath Care issue (by the way, no where does it say in the US Constitution that it is the responsibility of the government to take care of you). To the person who talked about taxes, I too pay them and lots of them and I do not mind in the least bit as long as it goes to things which benefit everyone such as roads, infrastructure and the such, but not to paying someone's else bills, which do not benefit me...
  This is something that people do not understand where did all the extra share coming form, they issued them internally to employees. and eventually they get sold into the market. This is why Wall Street hate companies giving stock option to employees it has the tendency to devalue the company over time.
OMG, an analysis who pulled his head out of the sand. But realize it required him to do some independent thinking and it was obviously completely outside the box from what he was institutionalized into him at what ever business school he went to.   I am sorry the guy with the most money wins, not the guy who flood the world with garbage and has nothing to show for his efforts.
Some one correct me if I am wrong but not all CDMA networks are the same, You can not take an unlock VZ CDMA phone and use it in Japan on their CDMA, there is no standards. Based on this unlocking a CDMA with GSM makes it a GSM only phone unless you plan to go back to the provider who unlock it in the first place.
Well as a person who have been on both pay scales, I have to agree with you that when I was hourly, I took ever opportunity to work more hours, especially when you talk time and 1/2. I believe I read in China over time kicks in after the initial 8 hours you work each day, unless in the US you have to first work 40 hours before over time kicked in. The US also limits how many hours you can work in a day and required you to have breaks over certain number of hours worked....
I was thinking the same thing, so what we are probably seeing: People were encourage to go do the survey to help a company promote themselves as a good place to work so they can hire them at a lower wage The people at the top company have way too much time on their hand so they have time to spend yelping about where they work, so of course they ranked them well. Lastly, just like a yelp ranking it is subject to the person expectations and much life experience and what they...
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