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Still do not see the value, we all seen it before, music consumers are fickle bunch and they will jump ship with every wind direction change. Over the years look at all the various methods people used to obtain and consume music content. Beats music service and just the new kid on the block and people will get tired of it and move on to the next greatest things someone comes up with. There is no stickiness with music listeners
Apple has to deal with Samsung ripping them off, Beats headphone as knocked off every day in china and you can buy Beasts looking headphones for $35 on the street. As we have seen with android, people want to be seen with a smart phone and if they can get it free all the much better, so do you really think people care whether the headphone are actual Beats headphone or a look a like for $35. I am also beginning to see look alike which from 10 feet look like Beats but in...
I have said this before a book is not a commodity which Amaizon is attempting to make out of it. there is only one writer and publisher of The Silkworm and if you want to read that book you have to get it from that publisher at the price they want you have to pay it or not read it. If the book is popular and people are willing to pay the price Amazon could loose out if Hatchet chooses in the end not to sell to them and it is their right now to sell their books to Amazon.
Your analysis makes the most sense of anything I have heard to date. This could very well be the target market for Apple, it will replace another items most health conscious individuals deal with today. If Apple can replace a number devices people use when competing or exercising this could be a winner for them.
For those who never owned a watch with a sapphire crystal, it far more durable than any iphone display. I have owned 3 watches with sapphire crystals and would never own one again without one. I am not easy on my watched and wear mine non stop and have banged the crystal into walls and metal objects and never broke one. I highly doubt we will see a sapphire crystal on an iphone, they have to be grown and it not a easy process. Which brings me to my next question which is...
We all seen this before went we see analysis making wild predictions like this one they have no clue what they are talking about, they just filling the fact vacuum with made up stuff to make it sound like they have some idea what they are doing.   Apple does not need to buy Beats to get Jim to help them as power broker with content owns, they can put him on the board and hire him as a consultant. But Apple issue is not with music or written content, it is with video and...
First I am amazes the guy who joined 12 yrs ago is more interesting than the article itself.     now back to the story...   All I have to say is watch the double speak from Tony Fadell, he choosing his words wisely, so no ads on the thermostat itself, got that, no one ever looks at their thermostat anyway. He never said ads will not be placed in the phone app, nor is he now saying that google will not be mining the data from the app itself.
Not saying today's design are not better, but at the time you had the Apple design (your so call dust collecting groves) or the alternative which such in all the surrounding dust and stuck it to the inside of your computer. Apple computer for what ever the reason did not collect as much dust as their contemporary counter parts
Yeah you are probably right, if this deal was coming close and Apple was looking under the covers and open door the skeletons began to fall out. Apple is not going to want to take on the legal issue he since it will cost more then if Beats settles it themselves. Then again Apple could set up the deal such that is will shielded from any lawsuits, They could buy them under one there LLC subsidiaries.
We need more injunction coming to a city, state and country near you..
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