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He makes his buys public because it serves his interest, which getting control over a company, selling and making it known would not be in his interest since he has so many shared he can not sell in one lot so it will take time or find a large institutional buyer, but letting people know your selling large shares will only drive the price down.
you will never know when he dumps his shares, he generally does not trade on the open market. He will find some investment fund looking to buy the stock cheaper then what it is trading in the market and buy it from him. He does his deals between institutions, not on the wall street.
Carl is finally seeing that Apple spending money on share buy back is not driving the value up, you can not grow revenue streams by spending money on stock buy back and as long as Wall Street believe Apple has not future growth they will continue to hold the stock down. I suspect they Carl will be begin slowly dumping his position at this point.
Let take beats on how long he will last.... 
I agree it would be nice to get big business out of the middle of everyday transactions. I have been watching the crypto currencies for a while, and here is the issue as I been seeing it. The pricing of these currencies have been all over the place. Here is an example. If you paid $1 to get one bitcoin today and tomorrow you want to buy something from a merchant for $1/1 bitcoin, however, over night the value of the bitcoin drop to $0.50 so now you have pay 2 bitcoin to...
I have been saying this for a while, I do not believe the buy back will help Apple and iCahn most likely will not benefit from it or any other investors. If you have an account with Seeking Alpha you can read this person summary of what the buy back may not help. This guy did a nice job and if what he states happens then apple will be wasting the money buying back it own stock.   http://seekingalpha.com/article/1994671-apple-a-piggy-bank-forever
another way to look at is the fact that Apple may be getting into the payment processing system of their own and bitcoin is more or less a payment processing system of it own. Right now it is more of an investment in what it could be and lots of people will loose in the deal since people are buying in high and it is not stable so it makes it hard to buy things with it since each day you have no clue what it is going to cost you.
Fix that for you.... The total watch market size is not that big to day and continue to decline what makes anyone think it would grow that fast, Apple is not that good. She must be a good lay, not sure how else you keep your job with such a bad track record
I would venture to guess you are more right than wrong, and I would go as far as to say the issue may not be totally fixable on the Apple end, it could be these IMAP email accounts changed something on their end which is causing the problem. I think everyone would agree Apple has always address issues even when it was not their issue.
Well all I can say you get what you paid for, since most people are choosing to use a free email account, you should have no expectations of it working properly. As someone already said, I too do not have issue since I use a real POP email account which I pay for as part of my Internet access account. 
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