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AI, which is it, Did or Did not Infringe, please make up you minds here         But you have to give apple credit for using the judges words against Samsung. I bet the judge will hear about giving personal opinions in a case like this again.
yep that sums it up that is for sure
Typical wall street rewards crap companies for doing exactly as they want and they hold back a company like Apple who ignores them and just keep adding tons of cash to be the bottom line.   They had to halt trading because of such bad results, imagine that, just idiots 
That is what the Market is pissed about, they do not want Apple hanging onto all that money, Apple has so much money the interest alone pays their R&D budget each year. 
Didn't this idiot KGI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predict a 70%+ decline in Mac sales from a year ago quarter, gee he did not miss that by much. I wish these guy would stop predicting what they obviously have no clue about. They should fire him, they should fire any analyst who make a prediction that is that far off.   Obviously market again did not like Apple numbers they must have been expecting a lot more.
Yes, this has to be figured into the number, I believe most people would agree Apple products last longer, we have 3 iphone in our house, they are hand me downs, the wife gets new one so her old one goes to the kids. This in fact happens in other house holds as well. However, In the Android market phone are not handed down, especially on VZ since they will not allow a hand me down without full data activation, until they supported SIM card in the new LTE phone. My kids do...
The dispute over the Name and Logo was about trade confusion. Apple Successfully argue way back their would be no confusion between Music and computer so they won the right to use the name and logo of the Apple in the computer and electronic industry. However, Apple Corp lawyers were smart enough not to allow Apple computer to use the name and Logo as it related to anything other than computers and electronics. They limited Apple computers scope of use. Yeah Job knew in...
Not true for Motorola, Motorola only make Feature Phones, which are not android and Smart Phones which are android, I can not say if the same is true for Samsung and LG, and today Motorola is no longer selling feature phones except the older push to talk phones that Sprint still sell, and I believe the plan is to migrate the push to talk to Android as well.
I have to agree when you seen the big carries saying Apple is their single supplier making up the largest portion of their business I can not see how Android keeps claiming they are selling and activating more phones. From the US carriers the numbers do not add up, so it must be the EU, India and Asian markets buying android but that has not bee backed up either. Even Google's mobile ad data says they make more money from IOS devices than they do on Android which we all...
I believe part of this is Apple way of preventing jailbreaking the phone or other device. I am betting the chip on the cable will not allow un-authorized access to the device or transferring un-authorized software.
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