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Hate to say this WAZE which is now owned by Google already does this  I get in my car, turn on WAZE and with in a few minutes of driving it asked if I am heading to a particular location and will navigate me there and it remembers the roads and path I use the most so it does not always take you ways which you know are not good to travel. I have to say this is a feature I wish my TomTom had years ago, i should have patented the idea 10 yrs ago when I go first car GPS and...
Google is working under the the old staying, Do not ask permission just bet forgiveness later.   We already know Google glasses are failure so that can not be reason to spend so much money to kick of glasses.
A number of people commented about Gore being on the board and what value he brings. First I am not saying he does bring value, I do not know enough about his current activities to know if he is no more than a figure head.   With that said, it actually very smart for a company like Apple to have some one who is government and politically connected. No company today can operate free of government involvement. Look how many time Apple has been invited to DC and all their...
The issue here, is the fact that google has no clue who all is using android and what version that maybe using, or how they may have modified android to their own liking. Since they give it away, collect no licensing feed they lack any control all control of what is out in the wild. Also they do not control the distribution of the software so there is no way for them to get update out.    Yeah, everyone hates a closed system like apple, but it is obvious to me that no...
This is the problem with this whole Patent suing game the trolls play, The tactic is to go after small player or ones which do not have their own IP and get them to agree to settle, Once that happen and they try and make big head lines about the settlement. Then they go after the big fish, if it does go to court the troll use the fact that others settle as the reason they have a case with merit. Apple had trolls use this tactic against them as well. However, Apple has some...
Security depend on who you are trying to keep out. If you are trying to keep the ever day person out what they did works, if you have enough knowledge, resource and time, you are getting in. Remember 128 bit encryption was good enough and required lots of time and computing power to krack it. But when computer got faster it does not take as long using the pure brute force method.
This is why the apple solution will work better than the solution which were out before this and the new Samsung me too solution. We all know that Samsung did not build in a processor to make their solution work they are using the same processor that does everything else and when it is busy dealing with android overhead it will not respond and let you unlock the phone.
They will some how use it to segment the market to show that apple may not be doing as well as everyone thinks. kind of like Google owns mobile OS space with Andriod, since andriod is showing up on every cheap ass product out there since the knock off companies are too cheap to pay licensing for a real OS. I hope Oracle wins their new round of lawsuits again Google and forces ever company who download android to pay a licensing fee.
This is true, no fund manager is going to risk returns on the company they know if being manipulated, also, Icahn got is hands on the company and I believe institutional investors are scared off by him, since he attempts to take them over and make the company do his bidding.
Well stated, also they took action prior to any proof that the activities was actually anti-competitive, they took a preemptive position, verse coming in after there was evidence that this activities drove up pricing. If they is their view then why not sure the US patent system since it assures they the owner of IP could charge the highest price and keep competitors out. Just look at the Drug Manufactures have been doing for the last 30 yrs.
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