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is it their plans to kick out the current owners since it is now a landmark 
 what a moron... $300 for apple in the future. even Google or MS have higher EPS than apple would have at $300. and this guy keep saying apple is failing to innovate. I bet the last thing this guy innovated landed in a toilet 
Best kind of free press, even the government telling people to buy apple products.
We all should be throwing this in the faces of those analysis who have no clue what they are talking about. But keep in mind those analysis just made their investors $50 a share in the last few weeks since we all know the companies they worked for sold the week before the announcements and then the puppet analysis came out and delivered the bad news and drove the stock down 50 points and you know their companies bought back in last week. They will be selling the next since...
ever time these so call tech experts speak they show how much they do not know about technologies. Yes, apps at this time can not take advantage of the 64 bit architectures and most apps do not need this level of power. But to say a user will not see any performance difference is complete wrong. We all have to assume that iOS was written as 64bit native, therefore, the user will see OS is self running faster. You can also bet that Apple is working with developers so they...
how can the analysis comment on Apple strategy which in fact Apple never says what their strategy actually is. Hell these analysis are still try to figure out what the who Itune strategy was form 10 yrs ago and how entire product ecosystem play outs in their favor.
 I think you are right, however, job never provide a direct vision either, He did not come out and say this is the direction the world is moving or this is the direction Apple is taking he let the product speak for itself. But when he and the others speak they all kind of look lost, they walk and talk like they have no glue holding them together. This could be what people are seeing and they are concern about it all falling apart before the either eye.  Honestly, not like...
I believe the is no announcement since there was no pent up demand compared to the past. These are phones which as people come out of contract will buy.  The think the pre-order this time was more to allow them to judge the production capacity they will have to handle. It has been said a number of time, the smart phone market is near saturation and especially for apple they taken all the high end business and the middle tier customers will not run out and replace their...
I personally think people should mail bomb this guy and any other analysis who get it completely wrong. I do not understand why people do not call these idiots out. Besides mail bombing the analysis call the media and ask them why they continue to believe people who are wrong or are lying and presenting it to the world as fact.
it sounds like a MS is now in the car business, who else buys buy competitor products so they can sell you their new product.   Remember MS can afford to do this since they already wrote off the inventory so giving out a credit to allow them to sell at full price will actually be money in the bank for them.
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