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Notice that Samsung is only bring in experts from universities, why not any industries experts who actually have real world experience making and selling product and knows the real value of a product. Verse hiring a bunch of arm chair quarterback who are can analysis the data verses actually playing the game.
Apple may have a few fights on their hands with a iwatch name. http://www.iwatch365.net/ That is another Chinese company who have been using a similar name in the wristwatch market for a while they do market research in China for watches. They could argue that apple iwatch could create confusion in the market place. They also been using the name since 2006 long before the whole Apple iwatch thing came about.
   So what % of the world population buys luxury watches, and do you know the world watch market is about $10B which includes the luxury brands, So what % of this market is Apple looking to capture, or do you think they grow this market segment form $10B to $20B or maybe more. Here is the market share by revenue, so who do you think Apple will displace or knocked down. BTW China is now the #1 purchaser of Luxury brand watches.  Notice in this chart that most of the...
Actually, I have seen people in China paying $100 a knockoff Rolex's there are plenty of people willing to pay $100 for something that is suppose to look like $5000 product. Do not kid yourself other companies will not attempt to knock off what Apple is doing especially if it is successful or becomes some sort of status symbol.
Actually I have written code and choose not to do it a career, however, I do on a daily base deal with product which include lots of software and and involved in licensing agreement for that software and deal with OSS requirements as such. By the way what Apple use in the back office to run their business is not what I am talking about, I am talking about what they are selling and making their Billions on. two different applications and totally different IP risks...
my point was they come in copy what works and drive value out of the market.
That will not last long, the typical cast of characters will get involved and it become a race to the bottom again.
Okay another junk studied, this researcher should have never gotten her PhD. Her research as based on eye tracking to determine what feature people found interesting and useful, however, you can not see GPS on a device or the processors, hell most people have no clue what the processor is in a phone or any device, I am not sure how via eye tracking you can determine some persons preference for a processor or gps. 
No you do not use software libraries you bring with you from a university or another company you worked for or found on the internet. You use the libraries which the company you work for owns. In today market you definitely do not use open source libraries since you do not know what restrictions exist on those library for the free use of them. Today they are libraries which required you to freely license back any changes or improvement you make to the code you got from...
Trust me I work for some very large companies and I would tell you if someone told me they were delaying their start for a few months to get a bonus I would tell them the offer expires midnight tomorrow.  It is short sighted, since you know she going to make a lot more at Apple, just look as her pay now and what any exec at Apple gets paid.  I personally left money on a the table going to another company since future potential was better than worrying about they I could...
New Posts  All Forums: