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Thanks for the feedback. I know money doesn't grow on trees, but for $99, I'll just get one and if they come out with another, I'm sure I can use the old one for AirPlay and other happiness on another TV.
When does it come out? I want to buy an Apple TV but I'm worried 1 month after I get one, that a new one will come out.
Apple, Please refresh the Thunderbolt line with USB 3.0 and more pixel count (more than a Retina MacBook 15").   My family needs to get a new machine and I have decided to upgrade to a Thunderbolt + MacMini. The USB problem alone will cause me to wait until that is addressed.     -Matt
GUYR is right. Apple clearly wants to have the iPads as a Christmas product. I assume that means they believe they can mass produce them, but if you look at the Kindle Fire, Surface and other competitors, they're all refreshing well before January to hit the holidays. They still sell computers so refreshing them can be spread out through the other 3 quarters. The big question is will they continue to have the new phones and tablets released very close to one...
New Posts  All Forums: