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 Since reading all the hype on the apple watch & endless comments about people no longer wearing watches I disagree with anything close to 99% not wearing them. Seems that even the kids like to have some bright cheapo watch on a wrist even if its just for the fashion statement
 Noooo, surely there aren't people who still wear the hideous thing called a belt holster?? May as well get a bum bag / fanny pack whilst at it, equally shocking
 haven't you missed off some 9" offerings? Pretty sure there are or were some tabs that were 9"
 I agree with this in areas such as business system solution selling where you would look utterly desperate. However, for consumer devices costing a couple hundred £ anything goes, always has done & always will
Is it just me being tired or is this article giving those with no grasp of the English language the opportunity to show off? I've not even finished reading page one of comments yet and have struggled to understand about 25% of what's been typed.
I knew I'd seen the product in this link somewhere before: http://ink361.com/app/users/ig-615315380/paulhaller_/photos/ig-804841905094784121_615315380 Blakes 7 teleport bracelet I think! http://celestialtoyroom.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/blake-7-liberator-teleport-bracelet.html
 Depends how you read it.. Some could take that as the poster complimenting some Swiss women on say their sport achievements such as Martina Hingus & Denise Biellmann or Johanna Spyri for being the author of Heidi.No doubt my points there are wrong & the poster was referring to typical blonde swiss ladies, Ursula Andress etc but hey, you never know.Personally I've never thought of AI as a boys club, just an apple related site which sometimes goes a little far in its...
 Sorry, missed the point a tad there! Agreed, convenience is important, may just be that I'll be classed as old school as like having something mechanical on my wrist.As for the gold story, gold has places it should be seen & places it shouldn't - to me a shirt is definitely in the latter part of that comment even if I did have multi millions lying about.What's that phrase - money doesn't buy you taste?
 I think there's a difference between a watch and a technology item such as Vertu's no doubt overpriced tarted up phones that will be as obsolete as the £ 50 option in the same time. Surely more appropriate is a comparison to something like the vinyl record industry. At one end of the market, decimated by tapes, cd's then the appalling mp3 quality. Now making a comeback admittedly mostly in the luxury market as people recognise the quality compared to the rubbish...
Do you really think that the likes of IWC, Hublot, Patek Phillipe & more are worried about the threat of mass produced smart watches killing the market for luxurious crafted watches? Surely there's absolutely zero chance of smart watches damaging this market - how can you even compare these to watches where some have hundreds if not thousands of man hours going into the manufacture & that result in some of the most incredible pieces of art / jewellery? Admittedly some...
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