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Hard to argue against most of this, if in doubt don't take selfie specials etc & upload them anywhere.If you really have to use a rock solid password, something such as password should do it :)
With all the hype that gets generated around products & the constant trickle of photos & features, do Apple really need to even bother with these launch events?!
 I knew I recognised something in your posts. Surprised it took me so long to look across and see the obvious - a fellow Englishman & his sense of humour
 The last bit of your post can be read in two ways, are you saying all iphone users are uneducated PS - any idea what gives with the random code type line?
 Now that's a serious watchI agree with many of the posters here, this area of smart watch is full of challenges from the size of the actual face to the killer app & to trying to change the way that people have used watches for 100 plus years.Me, give me a Tag or Omega any day & that's me sorted for wristwear
 That's a very good point. Is there a difference between rectangular & slightly rectangular? Does a square class as slightly rectangular?!
I've been using Swype for couple of years - yes, yes I know on the evil Android platform. Personally I found this to be a great method as I found the transition from clicky buttons to touch screens very frustrating - no feedback bar tiny haptic on the touch screens. Now I no longer tap on a 'nothingy' surface & happily swype around. I'm pretty sure there are various vids out there showing how swyping / predictive swyping is considerably quicker than standard texting but...
Wow, this is a first.. A non aggressive non member slating comment & one that I actually agree with!!! I was showing some interest in my smart tv (yes, its a samsung) until sky sent me their little wireless on demand box.  Now for viewing purposes I don't see the point of even looking at the smart tv standard options of netflix etc. so i'm back to using the tv as it was intended - plugging / streaming stuff to it & watching it.
What patents are Samsung breaching in their later phones & tablets?  Surely these older patents will have been worked around so isn't talk of any product import bans etc a bit pointless? And without wanting to inflame the hatred of 'slightly' biased Apple fans on here :/S, how do you guys feel about the many features Apple simply borrow from Android?  Is it ok for copying one way but utterly unacceptable if its Apple being copied? Don't get me wrong here, I'm no fanboi...
Can't claim to know anything about ebook price fixing but I can safely say I've never understood how an ebook can cost more than a paperback.  To me there's nothing tangible there, nothing to actually touch so why (in UK) do we see examples of paperback at £ 7 & ebook at £ 10?
New Posts  All Forums: