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Can't claim to know anything about ebook price fixing but I can safely say I've never understood how an ebook can cost more than a paperback.  To me there's nothing tangible there, nothing to actually touch so why (in UK) do we see examples of paperback at £ 7 & ebook at £ 10?
  Similar story here, wife has an ipad which in my view & many of the tablet buying market was overpriced compared to what you can get now - in this case specifically from the Nexus 7.  I now own one of these, have done my own side by side comparisons with ipads & ipad mini's.  I'd really like to see someone actually come up with a reasonable argument as to why spend £ 330 over £ 160?  And please, lets ignore the tedious ecosystem nonsense; give some genuine reasons why...
I've been following the Apple Samsung cases with far too much interest & can safely say I'm getting rather bored of it now.  Does anyone think kiss & make up time is likely to happen anytime soon?
  The EU is meaningless.... I'll give you that one, I've not actually laughed over an internet post for a while.  Shame it wasn't specifically the content of the post that made me laugh more than the author of it.   As an admin do you not feel ashamed that you're unable to have a mature conversation on here with members?  All you do is attack the person with snidey or outright insulting comments.  You're view isn't automatically correct TS; you need to grow up & accept...
I dunno, 6m or 9m euro's... The poor guy must be struggling to keep shoes on his feet if it's only 6m he gets
Hi hill,   I can see your point here although have to ask in all seriousness if you or anyone you know feels aggrieved at having to 'f*ck around' with a cable.  There's only really two ways it can go in & as humans I think we've all managed to do that successfully for years with mundane things such as house keys, batteries, pants etc...  To think that users of technical products struggle with this is a little far fetched to me.   As for the connector being more powerful...
Dave, this doesn't surprise me at all; reminds me of the fuss over the English court decision.... Some things need to be written in language that a 3 year old can understand otherwise there's the potential to ignore the spirit of things & go off, make a new adapter but sell a cnversion type connector.
  Why are you so utterly blinkered?  Do you actually work for Apple or something?  The last comment regarding never been a case for micro-usb is ridiculous.  Apple signed up along with 14 other major phone manufacturers - a memorandum of understanding to make all data enabled smart phones use Micro-USB throughout the European union:   http://www.eubusiness.com/topics/telecoms/mobile-charger/   The then simply ignored this as saw the huge profit potential by shunning this;...
  I'm going to take it that this is as beautifully sarcastic as I think it is? 
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