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Dave, this doesn't surprise me at all; reminds me of the fuss over the English court decision.... Some things need to be written in language that a 3 year old can understand otherwise there's the potential to ignore the spirit of things & go off, make a new adapter but sell a cnversion type connector.
  Why are you so utterly blinkered?  Do you actually work for Apple or something?  The last comment regarding never been a case for micro-usb is ridiculous.  Apple signed up along with 14 other major phone manufacturers - a memorandum of understanding to make all data enabled smart phones use Micro-USB throughout the European union:   http://www.eubusiness.com/topics/telecoms/mobile-charger/   The then simply ignored this as saw the huge profit potential by shunning this;...
  I'm going to take it that this is as beautifully sarcastic as I think it is? 
if the below is correct then this really is a minor lawsuit, only affects one situation:   The smiley input method patent would affect only those of Apple's German customers who use Asian on-screen keyboards. The problem with Asian character sets is that smileys can't be entered with only a couple of keystrokes such as ":-)" but consist of several symbols, each of which requires multiple keystrokes. So it's more convenient to enter a special smiley input mode and select...
happy to oblige    can i get sued for using a ?
on a serious note though it's very very sad when companies resort to legal action over stuff like the above.   And surely someone somewhere has challenged the patent application?
  Now this is a classy one!  One that I'm sure apple would be more than happy to apply for patent & subsequently use in legal cases as would fit nicely with any claims to shape of tablets etc :)     Originally Posted by hill60  A wishy washy ruling from an idiotic pack of fools   Does this class as a double negative in which case being idiotic when already a fool makes them wise or clever!?  
  Does anyone have any figures to show how many mobile cases are ongoing?  I would genuinely be interested to see if apple top that list (as aggressors) or to see if it's actually the press that have singled them out.  Can't really argue with press picking up on some of the apple cases or comments used in cases though; scroll to bounce, shape of phone, trying to trademark app store, claiming people buy other brands thinking they are apple, claiming frand for non frand...
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