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It has been around for a while but never the less Samsung's Note concept is something that we have not seen matched by any of Apple's products. With the Galaxy Note 2 being pushed hard by Samsung the hybrid tablet/phone device is becoming quite popular amoung people I know.   I myself am considering it as an alternative to the iPhone 5 because (here in the UK) it comes with 4G across all UK bands while the iPhone 5 only comes with a single band (1800Mhz). Also it...
iPad 3G/4G data plans mean we can surf on our iPad away from home. I have a £10 per month contract but often my bill is in excess somtimes up to £30. This post on craving tech I read discusses how to avoid these pitfalls. I am a bit lazy in that I dont jsut switch over to Wi-Fi when ever I am at home, I still just use the 3G. Please share below how much you spend compared to how much you think you should be spending.
Yep like it loads, keep up the good work!
I've gone 55 hours without sleep, it's hard to stay awake and be at home coz it's too easy to get comfortable. But the time i did 55 hours I was lost in Vienna and then got on a whole bunch on random trains and went to Graz and then to some other random town. People though I was a hobo. Ahh the folly of youth!
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