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Apple has taken a stand, and good for them. I still can't believe that there are actually people who think they should decide who other people should love or marry - but, of course, if you have a huge imaginary friend in the sky, you're probably a bit crazy anyhow, so maybe it shouldn't be a surprise...
  Errr. You DO understand the concept of Apps, right? And that Apple doesn't supply those, but the developers do? And if you think, Apple will integrate any of those services _ever_, you will be waiting a very, very long time...
Having tested both the iPad Mini and the 4. gen, there is a VERY marked difference in the quality of the screens. I won't be using the mini unless I need portability very much. It is the difference between HD and SD, and those saying or theorizing differently must have extremely bad eyes (Yes, I'm looking at you, Waldobushman!
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