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"Because that's an outright lie and you know it." No it is not, so no I don't know it. But I really hope what you say is true... I don't like where this company is heading.
"Bigger display, better display tech, LTE unlike the brand new Nexus 4, and going with a better HW all around that no one can match is doing less? Really?" So... this is true for all their tablets and phones? or are you somehow (inaccurately) using just one specific product to try and squeeze out a point?
Not very convincing Tallest Skil... you basically just say "no they don't" "no its not" "no no no" to every aspect... grtgrfx's points are not refuted. Its a shame what they make us pay for their accessories, how can you not see this?
Some of the arguments are incredibly well built... Apple really needs to act, and act fast. You just cannot sell less for more... It worked so long, I too felt "obligated" to keep everything "Apple" but at today's price tag, and lack of innovation that the competition delivers, how can one resist? Apple is doing the same things to keep costs as low as everybody else... but where as the others use it, to pass it on to the customers (lower price), apple uses it to boast...
  Wow, that is the level on which you discuss politics? Throwing out a (extremely poor constructed and lackluster) strawman and feel victorious?   Let me guess... you voted Republican and thought they made constructive, well reasoned arguments...     Just wow.
This victory was not important cause Obama won, but because a club full of borderline manicas and rich guys lost.  The people (the well informed, intelligent one) has spoken. They outweigh the superrich and zombie voters.    So happy.
I cannot express, how glad I am that Romney lost. Romney and the republicans, we dodged a very dangerous bullet.  Now let's see if they will present some actual candidates next time, with an actual plan for our country or if they remain in their "we're all crazy and have to appeal to everybody who is not informed, or superrich".    But for now, we dodged that lethal bullet. 
New Posts  All Forums: