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I only sync it with this one computer.  I guess I will take it in and see what they say because I really can't figure this out.
All of my stuff is up to date with the latest versions.
I have tried the cable in every configuration possible and tried a totally different cord as well all with the same result.  I use the same cable everynight with a wall charger to charge my phone no problem.  It doesn't make the connection noise when I connect it to my laptop, it doesn't do anything at all.  I have had this phone and computer combo for almost two years now and this has been going on for maybe a month now!  Very frustrating.
Tried it with another user account and a guest account and same issue not charging or showing up at all in the computer.
I connected an iPad to the computer and it recognized it and charged no problem.  iPhoto doesn't recognize my phone either.  I use the same USB cord for my phone to charge it with an outlet and it charges fine but when I connect the same one to my computer it doesn't do anything.
I've had this problem for a couple weeks now and I can't figure it out.  I have restarted my Mac Book Pro and iPhone multiple times and I have reinstalled iTunes.  Everything is up to date.  I can plug my phone into other computers and it works fine.  I have tried other cables.  I plug it in and it just doesn't do anything.  No charging and it doesn't show in iTunes or sync.  HELP!
I was just on my MacBook Pro just web browsing and with around 50% battery life left it just shut off without warning or anything. I tried to turn it back on and it was unresponsive. I plugged it into the outlet and the green light on the plug didn't turn on and the computer is still un responsive. It is not even 2 years old and I don't mistreat it. It barely leaves my desk. What happened! I'm freaking out over here and need to know it will be ok. Thanks.
Ok so the answer is that there is no new info on one coming out soon.  Thanks that was really all I was looking for.
Ok thanks.  I think you know what I mean when I ask that question.  Obviously you don't know anything for sure.  Just looking to find if there is any reliable info that one is coming out in the next two months as I said I was looking to get it for the Holidays.
Looking to buy an Apple TV as a gift.  Just want to make sure it is safe to buy and there isn't an update on the horizon.  Thanks.
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