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Yes! Wouldn't it be cool if we can start having one of those glasses that has built-in computers in it & it's only being controlled by your eye movement...
To be honest, I didn't expect iPad 3 to be thicker than my existing iPad 2, you would imagine to be at the very least carrying the same thickness if they can't make it thinner. Else, don't incorporate the Retina display if it's going to cause the design to be thicker AND hotter to run on a long period of time...  
Me too! I believe there's a reason why Steve Jobs appointed him to be the head designer & the power to veto anyone's decision in the company when it comes to design...even Steve Jobs himself has to listen to him back then!
Me too. Plus it's too prone to scratches...I'm sure a lot of people would agree with me on that.
Agree on that! Depends on whether your daughter likes the bigger size iPad or the iPad mini as well though.
Seriously???   This kind of news really spoils the mood of owning the iPhone 5 to be honest. iPhone owner used to feel exclusive when they get their hands on the new iPhone but now, less than 3 months down after the launch, we're already talking about the production of iPhone 5s!
Hi Timmy,   I reckon you can get her the MBA 13", it'll certainly put a on her face when everything is so fast & light!
I think Nokia is trying to find their way back into the cellphone market by attacking the weakest link in the Apple ecosystem at the moment - Maps.   Smart move but how long will it last?
I gotta say that after looking at some of the Apple prototype & compare it with the actual unit that was launched, I'd still choose the one that's been launched! The new iPhone 5 feels great on your hand no matter how you hold it & this is something that Samsung can't compete with I supposed. It feels so solid as compared to the Samsung plastic casing.
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