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Hehehe. Mario Götze is a German soccer player for Bayern Munich, for those who don't know.
I'm so ready for the iPad 5. 
I'd like to push Carl Ican off a cliff. Hard.
 That's why we write essays, tests et. al. in school with our fingers. Oh, wait a minute, we don't.  I'm going to use it with the stylus to add notes to PDF files for my study so I don't have to print out hundreds of pages each week. Thankfully, app developers are not as ignorant as some people here.
Bought. Will be perfect with the new iPad 5. 
 I reckon it's a very region-specific topic but I would be surprised if the situation is much different in other European countries. As for your questions:I don't know what their sales objectives are here but they've lost 2.1 percent market share between July 2012 and 2013 while Windows Phone and Android added 2.6 and 3.4 percent respectively. To be fair, iOS did really well in other European countries (according to Katar World Panel). That's mainly due to the demise of...
 That's nice and all. In Germany, the reality is a little different on T-Mobile (biggest carrier here).1€ upfront, 70€ per month for 24 months.For a similiar monthly fee of $22, T-Mobile asks for a down payment of 479€. And that'll only give you 50 minutes for calls, 50 SMSs and 100MB for data. I don't know how the situation is in other European countries (or India and China for that matter) but the high percentage of people buying their phones off-contract in those...
 Again, no one is expecting Apple to make smartphones for the low-end market. The pricing on the 5c is just off. There'd be enough room in the higher mid-end market for Apple to make an impact against the similarly priced "high-end" Android phones. I know most people in the US buy their phones on contract with family plans and whatnot but consumers in Europe, India or China are more price-sensitive. Just compare the ones here in Germany: 8 GB 4S: 399€16 GB 5c: 599€16 GB...
 Surely Apple would've sold the 5 and 5s for the same price. /sThey do need to differentiate their products, you know.  Just compare the 5c and 5s. Do you think all the upgrades in the 5s (new 64-bit processor, M7 coprocessor, better GPU, fingerprint reader, better camera, amongst others AND a higher-quality housing) are worth just $100 more? Hell, the 32GB 5c and the 16GB 5s are selling for the *same* price. That does not make sense. At all.
 With the introduction of the 5S, the 5 would've been priced at $550 regardless. 
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