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All shipments from initial availability are not shipping until October and so how is this news exactly?
Once I am done with my two year contract, shouldn't my monthly bill drop since I am now done paying off the loan for the phone and am only paying for services? No, my bill stays the same let it be I am in contract or not. Telecommunications, including cable and internet service in America, sucks plain and simple.
Great Idea! Unfortunately, this album is not agreeing with me too well. Maybe its too early in the morning......?
Thank goodness for this fix! I was being prompted for my password yet still was being denied access to email, safari, and my WIFI. What was worse was that, without permissions, I was denied access to copying and deleting files on my hard drives.
What is up with Apples quality control center these days? The Macbook Pro and retina update 2.0 made many users laptops inoperable and now this update does the same to Apple TV. 
How about first issuing an emergency fix for the Macbook Pro and Retina Mid 2012 update that went out that is screwing up everyones computers with an emphasis in the "Keychain" area? Having to re-install Mac OS X from scratch to fix a problem is not a good solution Apple. You messed up big.
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