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I learned my lesson long ago with regard to Google when I stored some pdfs in Gmail. The scanning was so brutal, it corrupted many of my pdfs rendering them unusable. Thanks for the reminder of this, although I'd already decided that I wouldn't use it because I've not had a virus since Apple's System 7. I'd almost forgotten how intrusive Google can be and is. No need for this as Clam AV takes care of my suspect Windows originating files.
I'm insufficiently well-heeled to be purchasing Pono, but I'm appreciative to Neil Young for pursuing it.  There is no need for disrespectful comments I might add.     Do I correctly understand the upgrade rate quoted as a dollar per song?  Seems a bit steep for my budget, although I'm glad for the opportunity to upgrade the tracks I've already purchased.
With the upgrade to IOS 6.1, I received notification that email had added an extra account to my ****@icloud.com and ****@me.com accounts. It indicated that my prior ****@mac.com account had been activated. I was pretty excited when I saw this, so I sent myself an email to the ****@mac.com address, but sadly, it indicated that address was not active - or words to that effect. Did anyone else received this notification? I'd be interested in hearing whether there has...
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