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cheers : ) and there's no reason why you wouldnt be able to put a flash-based drive in these, in the future? I've done it successfully with my Mini - now 16gb : )
hey all, im contemplating buying a 160gb iPod Classic. Ideally, i would love one with flash-based memory, but that is probably still a few years off before it's within my budget. However, i would love a hold-all iPod within the next few months... so my thoughts: either pick up an older pre-loved 160gb model, and if the HD dies on me, replace it myself or pick up an 160gb model (new or well-looked-after/refurbished) and hope that i can replace the HD with a SSD in...
hi all according to Mactracker, my mum's Macbook (late 2006) can only be expanded to 3GB of RAM, whereas my Macbook (early 2008) can be expanded to 4GB. They both take the same type of RAM, and have 2 slots. So what's going on? I'd really like to expand mum's Macbook to 4GB too. cheers
howdy all, just a general question... something i was pondering the other day, do computer's CPUs get slower with extended age in the same way that human brain's seem to? if you were to have a 1.8GHz MacBook, and it was used extensively (10hours+ a day, doing some heavy-duty stuff) for up to 10, 20 or 30 years, and then bought a brand-new (yet otherwise identical MacBook - same software and files, etc ) would there be any differene in the respective CPU's processing...
its possible Spin Doctor 4 still works. hmmmm
seems Spin Doctor has been wrecked with the latest update: http://forums.support.roxio.com/inde...0&#entry184332 boooo, how does QT Pro split tracks?
hey you're right the software seems to do exactly what i want. only glitch is that once it exports to Toast the music is REALLY distorted. hmmm, im looking for answers on how to stop the distortion now
hmmm, ive got QT Pro. how do you set the track markers? (i know where abouts each track starts and stops anyway, so i dont really need the waveform) cheers all = )
how would you do it in Garage Band? an no, it's not to do with the pause option in Toast. for some dumb reason, when i export the AIFFs from audacity, it gives them all this tiny (and varying!) little gap at the end.
howdy all, ok i want to convert my own 74 minute DJ mix into a mixed CD. currently i have a 74 minute AIFF, and i want to split it into individual tracks for each song ive been using Audacity to chop it into track-sized AIFFs, but it is an incredibly tedious process. And then when i throw the individual files into Toast, they've all got a gap at the end (meaning it's no longer a seamless mix and rendering my mixing useless! grrrrrr... ) are there applications...
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