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hey all, the element of the application 'Clutter' (< http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/18699 >) that is so great, is that it lets you throw your music onto your desktop as though they were real CDs. So just like you might leaving actual CDs that you've been playing recently by your stereo, you can leave your current favourite iTunes albums lying around on your Desktop. But what is doesnt allow is for you to leave individual tracks on the desktop!...
Hello everyone, Im not asking anyone to do the research for me, but if someone could help me get started, so I know where to look and what for, that would be excellent! We have a pretty simple broadband network at home. Currently it only has an iMac connected, but we have a 6 port wired router (a Netgear model, seems to do the job really well). Now my mother has bought a new Macbook, and it comes Airport enabled. So is it possible to add some kind of piece of...
No, see you're forgetting that the computer doesn't recognise the iPod. The iPod wants to be wall-charged, but doesn't recognise the wall charger. So i can only perform the first R (restarting the iPod, which just brings up the Apple logo, and then the wall-charge icon). I can't update, reformat or restore the iPod if the computer doesnt recognise it. thanks for the suggestion though = )
ok, i've failed to find anything. But ive thought of a better way to summarise the problem My computer won't recognise the iPod until it has been wall-charged, and the iPod won't recognise the wall charger Jeez, im in a bit of a pickle. The iPod is now in a state of the living dead, it can turn on, but it can't do anything. And it's not mine, it's a friend's (i borrowed it while my Shuffle was being serviced). Im no iPod newbie, but this has me stumped!
Howdy all, ok, so i updated my friend's mini and of course it wants to be plugged into a wall charger. No big deal, as I have one. But it doesn't recognise the wall-charger (and no, the wall-charger definitely isn't faulty). the real downer is that the computer won't recognise it while the iPod requests to be wall-charged, so i can't restore it, or update it. anyone got any ideas? i know the battery on this mini is really pokey, and im thinking about replacing it, but...
howdy, with the newer iPods, can the search function be set to search through the Comments in a track, or does it only search through the Artist/Album/Song titles? that's all. Thanks = )
howdy, ive borrowed an imported DVD from my school library and i want to be able to watch it without changing my computer's DVD drive code (as i believe you can only chane it 5 times in total!). Is there anything available that will get me around this?
hey all, im a student and im starved for space and money. So, Id like to know if there is some piece of hardware that will allow me to pickup television reception on my eMac? ive looked into the iTV (i think that's the name), but it just costs way too much for me. Im not so fussed about recording abilities, id just like to be able to watch television through my eMac. So, can anyone recommend something? thank you = )
Hey all, id love to be able to get TV recption on my eMac, but i cant afford the price of an EyeTV. So, in short, is there an alternative? Im not fussed about recording or any of that, all i want is to be able to see free-to-air analogue stations on my computer. Thanks!
That's what i suspected. It's cool. I picked the ext. speakers up free anyway. So no loss = )
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