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hahaha... yeh, "The Wow Starts Now" (well, that's their advertising motto in Australia anyway)
howdy geniuses! = ) ok. ive just moved outta home and have picked up this ratty little speakers at a garage sale. They project treble fine (at a louder volume than the in-built speakers), but when it comes to bass, they are total garbage (and my eMac's tiny speakers are better). Now, these external speakers have an external power source and get their information from the headphone jack, which disables my eMac's inbuilt speakers.... SOOOO, is it possible to keep both...
hey all, i love the Dictionary app. Not that big a fan of the widget (or the translator widget) as my computer is a few years old and widgets just arent that flash. Is anyone aware of a plug-in or extension of the dictionary application so that it works like an Engligh/Italian dictionary? That would be brilliant.
hey all, i really want to run Snipes on my eMac ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snipes ) but I'm having some trouble getting DOSbox to work for me. I can't manage to mount a C drive. I type in mount c/users/sammy but get nowhere. I assume I'm doing something wrong, and there aren't any great guides for the mac OS X version. Can someone share their knowledge? Someone who knows a lot more about this than me, but can tell me what I'm doing wrong. Also, is DOS...
finally it gave up. Got to 18 hours though. Not bad!
well that's great news for me. More battery time = ) currently I'm up to 17.5 H - that's significantly more than 12 hours!
Hey all, ive read that the Shuffles have lithium batteries but they're not the same as the iPod's. So, in regards to charging, does this mean they should be drained every so often or kept at maximum levels whenever possible, so as to retain a longer batterly lifespan? With the iPod you should aim to keep it charged as often as possible, correct? ALSO, the 2G Shuffle has a battery life of 12H, but ive been testing mine out, and so far it's lasted 16 hours! Admittedly...
oh, howd you manage this? My mum's looking at getting a current model MacBook.
= ) no believe it or not, she's not a hardcore gamer. ok, youve all told me what i wanted to hear. Maybe we'll have another Mac in the house soon.
howdy all, my mother is thinking of getting a MacBook after X-mas. Are there any reasons why she shouldnt do so? The current MacBooks look incredible (absolute monsters in a portable set up!), but im a little out of the loop at the moment. So are there any weak points to it? And is the higher 2Ghz model strongly recommended over it's cheaper little brother? i guess i just want the dirt on this model (if there is any - personally, im hoping there isn't) thank you!
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