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Hey all, do you remember how in OS9 you could set up many of the Function (F) Keys so that they opened various applications? Well can you do this in OSX?? Thanks for your time
Hey everyone, i've stumbled upon a really cool iTunes visualizer Plug-in and i was wondering if there's some way i can set it up as my screen saver? Also does anyone know of any applications that enable you to place a moving desktop.... like kaleidoscopic patterns. Or a desktop that works just like the visualizer, and reacts to the music....? I realise how much CPU power this would use up, but i reckon it'd look cool.... thanks for your time
Hey, regarding the xbench article: "If you change Apple's standard Energy Saver options to get "Highest" processor performance, the iMac G5 finally beats its cheaper siblings, but there must be some reason that's not the default, and clock speed alone should give the iMac a big advantage. In return for pushing the iMac, you're likely to get more fan noise at the very least." It mentions how running the iMac on 'High" the performance will make the fan louder, but are...
I'd just found that plug-in when you mentioned it! thanks anyway. I've now got hotmailset-up through Mail.
Hey all, im only new to OSX, but before that i'd been on OS9.2 for ages. Do you remember how in OS 9 you could pull a folder down to the bottom of the screen and it would become a littlw tab. All you needed to do was either click on it, or drag a folder over the tab and then the folder would pop open. i want to know can you do the same sorta thing in OSX, and how? Thanks
Hey everyone, ive just got myself a new iMac and this is the first time i've been using OSX and i'd like to set up Mail so that i can read my Hotmail account emails. Can someone help me at all? i'd just like to know what to put in the below fields: "Incoming Mail Server" "Account Type" "Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)" Thanks for your time, i'd love some help
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