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hey all, here's my computer: Machine NameteMac Machine ModeltPowerMac6,4 CPU TypetPowerPC G4 (1.1) Number Of CPUst1 CPU Speedt1.25 GHz L2 Cache (per CPU)t512 KB Memoryt768 MB Bus Speedt167 MHz running OS X 10.4.5 whenever i insert a DVD (film or data), it spins around for about a minute, sounding like it's going to load, before it automatically ejects it. Previously i used to be able to load them without troubles. Does anyone know...
It's alright Blackbird, everyone makes mistakes. But if you've got an Intel Mac, could/have you tried running MacTheRipper? Some people seem to think it works fine on the new chips...
I don't think Audacity does: "Confirm Audacity does not work with Intel machines. Anyone out there to resolve this as this is a really useful piece of software?" that's from http://www.macupdate.com/reviews.php?id=8052 (reviews off macupdate.com about Audacity) And it appears that MacTheRipper DOES, but at least one user had problems (perhaps not due to the Intel factor): "Type: Comment Author: bikeham Does this work with the new intel dual cores? When I...
Hey all, my father is looking into buying an Intel iMac and wants me to help find out about compatibility issues. The following is a list of software titles he uses regularly (do they work on the new iMacs?): Toast 7 Photoshop CS or CS2 Microsoft Office X MacTheRipper DVD2OneX Audacity i know Toast 7, Photoshop CS/CS2 & Microsoft Office are, but what about the others? I've looked around on versiontracker.com and a list of "Universal Binaries and...
i ran out of time. So i just burnt what i need to to DVD. Thanks all the same.
hey all, i've been given an external HD by a friend, and currently it's in some windows format and locked (the two issues are separate). This means it's read-only. Apparently i can only uncheck the read-only option with a PC (havent got one). So as im running outta time, i was thinking i'd just reformat at but my pal uses a PC. So my question: which format is PC-friendly? Thank you.
Hey all, my Pa's G3's monitor has died. I want to be able to charge my iPod through his computer's USB ports, but once it's charged how do i turn it off? With OS X simply pressing control+option+apple+eject key turns the computer off, but he's running 9.2. Is there a similar command? Thanks all.
hey all, my eMac seems to only like burning at 4x. I have plenty of RAM and make sure i don't have any excess applications open. I've tested it with Toast and iTunes. It's not the CDs (although they are low-quality) as i've tested them in my mother's iMac and had no problems. If anyone can help, that'd be great thanks.
no idea. It's fixed itself. Perhaps the certificates were just expired.
everything is ok now. Thanks though
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