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hey all, for some reason my Safari app is being a real knob. Now if i want to go into a page that requires logging in, it asks about 'Certificates' and do i trust this site, etc? This only seems to have started since last night (i installed Little Snitch for a bit, but it's now turned off). Why is this happening? It seems to have interfered with my Gmail Notifier as well.... i've looked in the preferences, but to no avail. If someone can help, that'd be great. Thanks
hey all, ive found this great video clip from a few years back that is streamable. I can't find it anywhere else and was wondering how i can save it to my computer? Is there some kind of sofrware that will, instead of simply playing the data coming in, save it? Currently it's a Real Player stream file. If you know of software that can help, that'd be great. thanks
Or you could just get the 60GB video because it has longer battery life. (that was a huge selling point for me)
i had the exact same problem with the Gorillaz self-titled album. I'd load it into out iMac and it would spit it back out after a few seconds (40- ish). In the end i was forced to download it using P2P (despite the fact that i owned a legit copy of it). Now i've got myself an eMac (my mum & sister share the iMac) and i've discovered that my eMac has no problem with the Gorillaz CD (or others that the iMac disliked). I don't know what it means though. PS. Once i...
Sony stink. This whole thing is disgusting, and i can't see it discouraging P2P sharing at all. Thanks for the copyright info.
hey, i was just thinking. From a legal point of view, could i claim copyright on the above image, even though it is just a mash up of Sony's registered trademark?
Ok, im sure you've all heard about Sony's illegal attempts to govern (and track) how we listen to our legally purchased music (if not then this article will give you a good start). As soon as i read it i was inspired to knock up the below image, but also wondered, does this spyware affect Macs? I'm guessing it doesn't but i haven't read so. If someone could clear it up i'd like to know. Even if it doesn't, it's still an incredibly low move for Sony to make. It...
it works now. I had it set as a shortcut to skip the song (from any app). Thanks
i can't get it to work. Am i just really stupid or is there something im missing (some preference i have to activate)? by 'cmd' you mean command, or the apple key, right? apple+option+arrow just skips the whole song for me, the same way simply tapping the left/right arrow does....
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