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does anyone know a keyboard short cut to fast-forward through a song (not skip it though)? thank you
how do i know if my computer is registered? And if it isn't, does it matter (it's out of warranty)? Also, i bought my eMac second hand. I know it's USB 2 1.25Ghz one, but how do i find out WHEN it was bought/manufactured originally?
hey all, i hope i'm posting in the right place. I've been doing some basic fasic illustrations (if anyone is interested in seeing them then i'd be happy to show them off - and could use the feedback) and have come across a slight problem: how do i bend or warp an image so that it looks like it is going around a curve (such as someone's body - or any other cylindrical shape)? i had a look in the Help app but couldn't find anything. I'm sure it must be pretty...
I don't even know what iDisk does. Isn't is connected to the .mac stuff? (which im not a member of)
i take it back. it isn't fixed.
think ive kind of fixed it. Had an app named Sizzling Keys set up so that a floating window showed the current track that had just started. Didn't like it when you changed the information about.... i'll turn it back on once i've finished editing things.
that makes sense about the paging. Thanks for all of this
Ahhh.... it is also present if i change 'My Rating' with the song.
hey all, i figured this should go here as it's a help issue than an iTunes one. Ok here's the problem. I just bumped my 1.25Ghz eMac up to over 750mb of RAM and yet iTunes still seems to be lagging behind. This lag occurs mainly when i change the genre of a song. eg. if the song is playing, and originally it is listed as 'Electronica/Dance', if i change it to 'House' the little spinning wheel flashes for about 3 seconds. With roughly 1900 songs to label correctly,...
ok. that made sense (thanks), but if you have oodles ( ie plenty) of Free RAM, would the system need to 'page' onto the hard drive? Also, if i were to open i really large, RAM-hogging app, would i see the HD free space decrease? And then increase once i had quit it? Just wondering. Thanks
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