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Facebook is the new Yahoo. It will be fun to see how far they could gone down hill.
MMy Lumix GH2 has "only" 16MP , yet every camera geek compare it not to other DSLR but professional RED camera.
Just my own anecdote London, more iPhone 5 actively in use (black). Seen lots of 5c everyday, just about every color. Apple is doing big push in the Tube (wall to wall ad) and carrier are doing pretty good deal like £24 a month and no up front cost. I think one of the big reason the phone is not getting in more hands is because of the 4G. I am on O2 but their 4G don't support iPhone! And EE still too pricy in my opinion. I think next year will see more people change...
It will be a movie loosely based on some famous tech god dude ...
Well thx for the info. But the Huawei phone I bought in Oct 2013 still running V.4.0.X and upgrading it is such a pain. Lucky that was just one of those test phone.So by your logic, do you mind telling me the 82% of smart phone market Android (should I laugh?) current hold. What is the percentage that got the fix?BTW my iPhone 4 just download the latest update, and one press of a button and it's patched.
I keep every iPhone model since 3GS but that is not mean they are collecting dust. They are being put on my bookcase people collect all kind of things this is how economy keep on going. There are trillion dollars worth of oil painting collecting dust everywhere, why not write about that?
http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2014/02/neither-microsoft-nokia-nor-anyone-else-should-fork-android-its-unforkable/ Read this article to understand what is the term "free Android" really means. It's free but it's "useless free".
Well do you live in EU? I do and from my business dealing with other EU state (Spain, France etc) the idea of EU law is as laughable as united state try to do a gun control. Each of the member all got their own agenda - and in practice they still running their own country. I am sure as hell they don't want the German to dictate what they do.At least in UK - nobody gives a sh*t what the EU said.
Plenty of new EU member are dying to get Apple over there.
Let say 6 billion dollars worth of the patent (rock star co paid less than that for more useful patent) 12 billion dollar purchase price add 2 billion loses over the period google run it. That's 14 billion , sold it at 3 billion (the small change enough to start a war) that's 5 billion dollars lost. And how much did Google make last year?Where Apple made yet another best quarterly profit , of course Apple is DOOMED for the 37th year ... We live in an interesting world.
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