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Thank you for the ideas. I agree, there is a lot of confusion over Android vs iOS market share.   If I get people publishing my infographic, I'll let you know. Thank you for the tips! You know your stuff. 
So do you think an infographic covering only the possible future technologies would be more appealing? So, the title would be "What Will be the Next Big Thing in Smartphones?" and it would present 10 possible technologies. 
Wow! Thank you for your help.    I agree with your points and will revise the infographic so that it isn't as negative, focuses on smartphones as a whole, and looks at the technology, not companies. Thank you! 
Hey guys, I'm making an infographic titled "Who Will Kill the iPhone?" I've attached the rough draft of it and was wondering what you guys thought of the main idea. Do you have any recommendations to make the content better? Editors I've sent it to aren't warming up to it and I was wondering why that might be.
New Posts  All Forums: